‘Deadliest Catch’ Sea Star Grand Opening in Seattle June 14th!

This last crabbing season, Discovery once again put the Sea Star and her crew into action as the main chase boat for filming season 4 of ‘Deadliest Catch’.  If you keep a close eye on current episodes, you’ll catch just a little glimpse of her every once in a while.  And here’s a thought we may not think of too much but, we often see the featured fishermen and boats as they ride up and cut through some of the most vile wave action to be imagined.  Well those fishing vessels aren’t out there alone.  Cameramen from Original Productions are not only embedded the featured boats, some of them film from chase boats, and those vessels suffer through the same gales, blizzards, ice storms, confused seas,etc…We just never see them.

So that’s why it’s exciting to hear that once again the Sea Star will be offering tours this summer to interested visitors in the Seattle area!

Sea Star larry

The Sea Star and Captain Larry Hendricks have been there since the beginning of Deadliest Catch. The Sea Star was part of the 3 hour Pilot Deadliest Season and the first season of Deadliest catch. It since has been a part of the Production side of series as Larry explained. The Sea Star has been the chase boat and coordinating the other boats involved and such. This Saturday is the Grand Opening of The Deadliest Catch Boat Tour and Gift Shop (shirts, hats and fun items of the TV series). Head for DOCK 9 at Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle (South area of Ballard Bridge) Many of your Fav’s of other vessels like Northwestern, Time Bandit and Wizard plan to be there to meet and greet.

Tours will cost $10.00 for adults and $7.50 for seniors and children. Kids 5 and under are free. Our hours are Monday through Friday 10:00 A. M. to 6:00 P. M. and Saturdays & Sundays 9:00 A. M. to 6:00 P.M.


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8 Responses to ‘Deadliest Catch’ Sea Star Grand Opening in Seattle June 14th!

  1. Nat's says:

    Wow that sounds great, wish i lived in US !!! Good luck Larry & Co. great idea. Nat’s xxxx

  2. Dale and Cheri Williams says:


    That is very exciting news for us. We live in southern California. The best is that we will be in Seattle on June 14! What a terrific bonus to our vacation.

    Can’t wait to get up close and personal with all those hardworking boys involved in The Deadliest Catch adventures.

    We love FVNW and their crew.


    C & D

  3. I just drove past the Sea Star the other day. If I’d known the grand opening was Saturday I certainly would have stopped by to take the tour! Met Capt. Phil a couple weeks ago at Tiki Bob’s. Nice guy.

    i’ll stop by soon for a tour and to get a couple t shirts.

    Helen (in Seattle)

  4. Radicchio in Seattle says:

    I stopped by the Sea Star after having breakfast at one of the restaurants at Fishermen’s Terminal. I didn’t have time to take the tour, but the gift shop had some nice shirts, hats, and these cute prints of crab pouring a glass or two of wine. However, the gear was limited to the “Sea Star” logo, and while they were nice (and at a great price) I would have liked to see a little more selection. I wish I’d had time to head over there on Saturday during their grand opening. The ship looked great, and I think lots of time and effort has been put into it.

    It’s very cool to have something like this so close to home!

  5. Rebecca says:

    My husband is the biggest fan of the show. We heard about the tour while we were in Seattle. it was the highlight of our trip. absolutely awesome! I would reccomend going on the tour My 3 boys loved exploring the ship, trying on the survival suits. the fisherman guys were great with the kids too!!

  6. Rachel Trickett says:

    The members of our family are huge fans of “Deadliest Catch”. My brother is especially a fan of The Northwestern. Can you tell me if these vessels, especially The Northwestern will be docked in Seattle and when throughout the months of July and August? We would love to make a trip to Seattle to see these vessels. Also, is there a phone number I could call for further information? Thank you very much.


  7. David South Florida says:

    Coming to Seattle at the end of august .Where would I able to see and take pictures of any of the Deadliest Catch boats? And where would i find any of the crew members hanging out if i wanted to chat with them while i’m there?
    Oakland Park, Florida

  8. Allan & Liz (Atlanta, Ga) says:

    My wife and I have been fans since Season 1. We have Tivo’ed every episode and haven’t missed one yet. We were in Seattle this past weekend, and it was my wife’s idea to go and visit the fisherman’s terminal. We got to tour the Sea Star and hear alot more stories about the show that we didn’t know, and we had a great time. We hope one day to visit and meet Sig, Edgar, Phil and his sons one day. Thanks to the guys at the Sea Star – We had a great time!

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