Deadliest Catch season 1 Featured Fishing Vessel Currently For Sale


Could the F/V SAGA be for you?

There have been quite a few fishing vessels featured on Deadliest Catch over the last three seasons.  Some are still around, some have been sold, some are retired permanently from fishing but actively serving other purposes…And the F/V Saga is for sale!  The Saga is somewhat of a celebrity boat in that in addition to being a featured fishing vessel on season one, she was also the focus of cinematographers on previous projects. Visit the F/V Saga website for more details.

The F/V Saga has recently been put up for sale.  The Saga is in great condition, ready for commercial fishing, Bering Sea crabbing or even world traveling and living aboard in comfort.  Interested buyers should

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2 Responses to Deadliest Catch season 1 Featured Fishing Vessel Currently For Sale

  1. Meghan Hause says:

    That boat with her quota is going to be to much for my blood. I hope that they will find a buyer for her, I hate seeing boats that are in great shape not being put to used.

  2. Josh says:

    I wish i could buy it, it seems like a nice boat. I also loved it on dc. It would be interesting to see how I could fish it. I also believe that the Farwest Leader is actually still fishing, i am not sure about the Billikin. I also know the Maverick is still fishing. I would really love to know what happened to the Vixen and the Lady Alaska though. I hope they are all fishing. Wanna buy all of them but don’t have the money. 😦

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