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Dutch Harbor/Unalaska

 People may refer to the whole area as Dutch Harbor, but it’s actually the island and city of Unalaska…Dutch Harbor is on the neighboring island Amaknak and connects to Unalaska by a 500 foot bridge.  Dutch Harbor/Unalaska (Each has their own … Continue reading

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Captain: Long hours, hard work no fish tale

This article comes by way of the   Greg Moncrief of the F/V Far West Leader gave a presentation to high school students on how to get in the fishing business.  For those who don’t know, the Far West Leader … Continue reading

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Deadliest Catch Art

Artist Dan Statler of Vulture Kulture, who creates “metal art with an edge”  has just completed a series of large metal panels for Original Production’s lobby.  Check out the Deadliest Catch panel titled Leviathan!  To see more of his work … Continue reading

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The Deadliest Catch Islands

 The “vast Bering sea”  covers alot of area as Deadlist Catch fans have learned over the last three seasons.  But just where are all these docks, the offloading areas and processors, exactly where is east & west, how far away … Continue reading

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Understanding Crabiness

The other night for dinner, I treated myself to crab legs. The seafood department at the grocery store only had two king crab legs left, so I got those and one snow crab claw. Once I began cracking them and … Continue reading

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Reality TV Crabber Visits

What appears on television as a tabletop packed with crawling crustaceans is pure red gold for Russell Newberry’s bank account.  Alaskan king crab, Newberry’s red gold, have powerful claws that can cause intense pain to a gloved finger, a periodic … Continue reading

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