Opilio Fisherman Lost…

F/V Seabrooke   (photo courtesy of Eric Donaldson)

F/V Seabrooke (photo courtesy of Eric Donaldson)

A fisherman has lost his lifeOn January 6th, the F/V Seabrooke–which was several miles northwest of Cold Bay–reported that one of their deckhands went overboard after his feet became entangled in a crab pot line.  The US coastguard was deployed and they searched for him all day Tuesday.  That evening they suspended the search but continued the following morning.  The Coast Guard suspended its search Wednesday at 11:49 a.m. for Keith Criner, 43, resident of Stockton, California.

…Rest well good fisherman

A memorial website has been set up for those wishing to comment or light a candle for Keith Criner

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17 Responses to Opilio Fisherman Lost…

  1. crabwizard says:

    this is horrible, i’m putting him and his family on my churches prayer list.

  2. Jen says:

    Oh I’m so sorry. And from California too. Rest in peace, Keith Criner.

  3. LLama says:

    My heart is with his family.

  4. indutch says:

    We all miss you Moose. You won’t be forgotten.

  5. Raynette Criner says:

    I am keiths sister, I am sure he had many friends who became his family. I know that a lot of his crew and friends considered him family. for those of you who knew and considered him family, know that you are part of our family as well. thank you for all the condolences. I am sure you know he will be missed. I have set up a memorial website for him:


    feel free to light a candle or post a comment.

  6. Lothian says:

    That is terrible. I am sending my love to Alaska. My heart is with his friends and family.

  7. Misty Williams says:

    Heard funny stories bout Moose, great cook-good guy… You will be very much missed, Prayers are with you… RIP-XOXOXO

  8. robert perkey says:

    i worked with keith the last few years and knew him for 10more he was a big hearted gentle giant that will be missed greatly by all that knew him.this has been a huge tragedy for those of us on the Seabrooke.were going to miss you keith.

  9. sean dunlop says:

    God bless you keith!and the criner family,you’ll not be forgotten moose.

  10. I was heart broken to hear of this accident and the loss of our brother/neighbor/friend/fisherman.

    Christopher P. Espanola

    To: Keith’s Mother Polly, Sister Raynette, and Brothers Donovan and Damien,

    My deepest and sincerest condolences and prayers to you and family.

    Thinking of you all.


    Christopher P. Espanola
    (408) 216-0147
    Email: chris_espanola@comcast.net

  11. Purn Howard says:

    This is Keith’s good friend, from Sacramento Street in Stockton. I’ve known Keith and his family for over 30+ years. I was saddened to learn of this incident, but my prayers will continue to go out to his family.

    Pastor Purn O.D. Howard, Jr.
    Sacramento, California

  12. sunny says:

    I lost my husband last easter to the Bering Sea and I am deeply saddened at hearing of your loss. Just take one day at a time, be it good or bad, and peace will slowly return. He will be with you if you ask him to so look for the signs and believe. sunny silveira

  13. Dave Roche says:

    RIP man . Ihave lost many friends to the sea .

  14. tom tonne says:

    my thought’s are with family and crew, so sorry for your loss.

  15. Viking says:

    R.I.P Keith you brave fisherman and god bless you! All our thoughts to Keith family, from all Crabfisher friends and Discovery-Channel viewers here in Sweden.

  16. christi mendler says:

    Still can’t believe you’re gone…………..

  17. bootspur says:

    Our condolences to the Criner family from us here in Fort Worth, Texas, we are big fan’s of what these guy’s do for a living, and deep inside the little boy in us all wants to be Crab Fishermen, but we know, OR at least we should know that the job is a treacherous one, the kind faced by a special kind of guy, a guy like Mr Keith Criner must’ve been to be on a Crab boat. I hope that in time your pain subsides, we’re all very sorry for your heart felt loss. ~bootspur, fort worth

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