The Cliffhanger continues tonight!

In the first episode of Opilio season–Storm Season, the crews are taken for roller coaster rides as the incoming storm is a bad one!  Mike Rowe starts out saying, “It’s winter in the Bering sea.  Opilio season begins…The hunt continues for the deadliest catch!

With gale warnings out, the crews head out to hit the crab grounds, drop their pots, and hopefully take cover.  The wizard has to fuel up first, no easy task in 60mph winds!  And as Capt Keith warns, the Wizard goes in towards the dock and pump like a ‘kite blowing in the wind’!

Before leaving port, the entire crew minus Jake Anderson, is stricken with the flu.  But as the season kicks off, the Northwestern heads straight towards family grounds and Matt–wanting to do the crew proud–bites off not one herring head, but two!  Capt. Sig seems to enjoy the offering…

On the Time Bandit, deckhand Shea Long must throw the first hook in 30′ seas and he misses, but no matter.  In little time, the Time Bandit is on the crab and hauling in pots.  Just as they finish up this first big string, Russell Newberry states, “This carnival’s shutting down”, a 35′ foot wave crashes down over the bow and sends Scotty Hillstrand–who was hanging on to the hook–for an unexpected ride high up in the air!

The Cornelia Marie heads out and set all 180 pots during the storm.  They’ve given them an 8-hour soak and now are pulling them up.  The crab’s looking good when suddenly the engine overheats without warning.  Capt. Phil is baffled at first, but as a second storm front looms in the near distance, the engine alarm goes off and the Cornelia Marie suffers complete engine failure!  A cracked head gasket is suspected…Again!

On the North American, the seasoned deckhands are breaking in a new greenhorn–D-Bo (thats right, that’s his name) and just as he’s about to get schooled by the guys, he takes a pretty good fall on deck.  Will he make it or not?  Doug Stanley’s latest diary entry tells us more about the North American and their trials with D-Bo.

At the very end of this first Opilio season episode, the US coast guard is called out to rescue a fishermen on a vessel not featured on Deadliest Catch.  The rescue goes off without a hitch and the ailing deckhand is brought aboard.  The rescue crew is ordered to fly the chopper to St. Paul Island…Right into the storm!  With ice forming on the windshield the pilots are visibly concerned about the welfare of the helicopter and crew and they question their orders.  Should ice continue to form, the helicopter could easily stall and literally fall into the sea, not to mention they’re so very low on fuel….

What will happen?  Tune into tonight’s episode–Blow Up:

A routine Coast Guard rescue becomes a battle against nature. Cornelia Marie heads to land for repairs. Fatigue is causing mistakes on Northwestern. On the Wizard, Greenhorn Moi locks horns with Capt. Keith. Time Bandit heads for better grounds.

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