Capt. Phil

 I hope you enjoy these images of Phil Harris.  They are some of my favorites–they’re happy and strong pictures of the Phil Harris we’ve all come to know, enjoy, and love since the beginning of ‘Deadliest Catch’.  Included are quotes from Discovery and from several online articles.  Credit for images go to Discovery, Corey Arnold, and several dedicated fans–thank you.

For ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans–please feel free to comment as you like.  I will update with many more images throughout the season 6 airing so stop back, and remember to enjoy this little celebration of Capt Phil’s life.

(Discovery) “We are all deeply saddened by the passing of Capt. Phil last February. He was a devoted father and loyal friend to all who knew him. We will miss his straightforward honesty, wicked sense of humor and enormous heart — in every way, he was a true American legend.

Phil was a star of Deadliest Catch from the series premiere in 2005, but what we all shared on TV for just a few years was only a small part of his life as a fisherman and father. He worked for 18 years as captain and co-owner of the Cornelia Marie and for 32 years in the fishing industry. The son of a fisherman, Phil is also the father of Jake and Josh Harris who both served — and learned — under him on the Cornelia Marie.

We’re honored to have Capt. Phil with us for one more season of Deadliest Catch.”

Phil Harris in Gloucester, MA, during the filming of 'After The Catch II'

Capt. Phil & his crew for the 2009 King crab season--'Deadliest Catch', season 6

(fan) “I think he epitomized the very essence of the show.  He was blunt, raw, and real.  He was the mythical Marlboro Man.”

Filming in California for 'After The Catch III'.

When Capt. Phil passed away, Sig hansen–the captain of the Northwestern–reshaped his web page with a homage to Harris, including links to photos and videos under the banner, “Phil Harris was called home and will forever be remembered.”

Phil with some of the other 'tough' guys of Discovery.

Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand, captains of the Time Bandit, wrote on their facebook page: “We all share in this tremendous loss.  May God bless you and keep you, Phil, you will certainly be missed.”

Capt. Phil & his crew for season 4.

(From his family) “Phil was above all a fighter, especially in the last years of his life when he was forced to confront serious health issues. ” 

Great photo of Capt. Phil! (courtesy of Corey Arnold).

(From a fan) “He can’t be replaced.  He was a real character.  Of course the family’s mourning, but the fans, even though we didn’t really know him, we still feel like we’ve lost someone.”

Jake and Josh with dad, Phil

Phil & other skippers of 'Deadliest Catch' at a book signing for Discovery's book, Deadliest Catch: Desperate Hours.

Phil’s obituary and jam-packed guest book are available to view here.

Phil & Sig Hansen at CatchCon I

Jake, Phil, and Josh in People magazine

 According to Josh in ‘People’, Phil was cremated.  Half of his remains will join those of his mother, and the other half will be released to the Bering sea this coming October so that he may be with near all the people he fished with his entire life.

Phil in his advertisement for Pullmaster.

CatchCon II is May 1, in Seattle.  There is also a public memorial service for Phil Harris on April 30th.

Phil in Dover Delaware, at the races, on a 'Bad Boys of the Bering Sea' tour.

Capt. Phil with other skippers at Nascar, his dad directly behind him.

(From LA Times) “Discovery Channel’s statement acknowledged what many fans loved about Harris: ‘We will miss his straightforward, honest, wicked sense of humor and enormous heart’

Capt. Phil in New Bedford, MA.

...On tour again, as the 'Bad Boys of the Bering Sea'.

A couple of years ago, the crabbroker gathered together some of our favorite fishermen–Phil, the Hillstrands, and Keith Colburn–and dubbed them ‘The Bad Boys of the Bering Sea’.  They toured the country and spread the word of the importance of the Alaska fisheries.  A lot of fans got the pleasure of meeting Phil Harris at the Crabbrokers events.

Phil & his bike.

Phil Harris loved his bike.  Bikers loved Phil.

Phil's Ad for Alaskan Amber beer.

Memorial to Phil at Fisherman's Terminal, Seattle, WA.

The fisherman’s Memorial in Seattle, Washington is where homage is paid for lives lost in the fishing industry.  (thank you Donna, for the photo).

59 Responses to Capt. Phil

  1. Jeff M. says:

    I worked in Dutch during the 74 red crab season on the Vita Foods and Viceroy. I don’t know how many of these young bucks from Deadliest Catch were there then, but they hacve returned a lifetime of memories to me. Whether watching the show or looking at my old pictures it was one of the best times in my life. Phil clearly represented that life style and I will miss not seeing him in new adventures on the tube. Travel well and try not to laugh to hard when looking down upon us.

  2. opilia says:

    Thanks Jeff. What a nice thing to say. I imagine the show brings back all sorts of memories for alot of fishermen.

  3. Lonnie Cooper says:

    Capt. Phil was a man’s man. You could tell that he loved his family and his morals and views were his and were not to be compromised. He seemed to really love life and seemed at home on the sea. I’m sure that anyone who had the good fortune to have met him was all the better for it. Thanks Capt. Phil for sharing with us and may God always keep the winds in your sails!

  4. I love the show and just found the site. I am sad that Capt. Phil passed. I hope his sons can follow in his foot steps ,he was a great man.

  5. Roger m says:

    Just wanted to say thanks for all fun times you have given me and my kids as we watched the show just for you and your crew at times. I often wonder at times if me and my kids will be that way. You are a great man and the world has lost a true man. Thanks Phil

  6. aaron says:

    I’ve watched the show from the begining and although I’ve never met any of the guys i feel as though i know them personally! I was greatly upset when i heard of cap.Phil Harris passing away and am truly sorry for his family’s loss,for whatever it’s worth to his family there are many others hurting out here and are missing Phil’s company even if it was only an hour a week it made a huge difference in my life!!! Stay strong and remember he’s in a much better place now!

  7. Cathy Wagner says:

    I still have a hard time believing that Phil has been taken from us far too early. I am thankful we have one more season of hearing his wisdom and watching a father who was so proud of his two boys guide them through the heavy seas ahead. I never had the opportunity to meet Phil but I believe he is in heaven with his angels wings, his cigarette and his coffee looking down on all of us and saying “What’s the count boys.”

  8. Maxine says:

    Thank you for sharing the pics with us! I look forward to seeing the updates too. Phil has been our favorite Captai from the beginning. Wonderful man and father, he is missed!

  9. fangy says:

    he is sorely missed. when i hear his son josh saying it’s going to be ok dad. i think it is from when they found him on the floor in his stateroom. it brings tears to my eyes. i wish his family the best. he was a beloved captain, and i wish him peace.

  10. Donna Gibson says:

    To have Captain Phil Harris gone is a blow to all who knew him. Even if we only knew him from Deadliest Catch we became part of his family and he ours. Much too young…..he’s gone. Feeling we have for Captain Phil can’t be expressed. There are no words for us or his beloved sons. Only time.
    May the wind always be at your back and your pots full, Captain.

  11. Asher Rosen - Skipper from Israel says:

    We admired his great spirit and character , for us in our small Mediterranean country he was a very special famous guy, we wait every weekend to watch him , his crew , sons and his friends (colleagues) at the Bering sea fighting huge waves for their living, doing a great job.
    What was very painful that if you follow last season episodes you can see that this brave man knew that he is living on the edge at high risk due to his health problems and knew that he could die from it, but it was very hard for him to quit since he loved so much what he was doing together with his great crew and beloved sons.
    what we all did not imagine that this bad dream became true when such brave great man found his death.

  12. tamara henry says:

    we are going to miss capt. phil. i just found out by coming here to ya’alls deepest symphathy to his family.

  13. Gold Shadow says:

    Phil embodied all the things I believe in. I’ll miss him until it’s my turn to join him in that heavenly place. Perhaps we can have a beer together & enjoy a good visit. God bless & keep Phil’s wonderful family. Be seeing you.

  14. Lori says:

    What a great post! Thanks Opilia!

  15. D.CatchFan says:

    I so enjoyed watching Cap. Phil, his boys and crew. When I first saw “The Deadliest Catch” in the third season, I never thought I would get hooked. I feel like a really got to know Cap. Phil and the crew. I have alway enjoyed eating crab and when I saw how dangerous it was to catch crab and then understood why it was so expensive.

    Captain Phil will be dearly missed. I hope to see him again one day on the flip side.

  16. Don Hofmann says:

    I’ve become a fan of the deadliest catch series and when I learned that Cpt. Phil Harris had passed I was really sad not even have knowing him personnally.

    I’ve been thinking a few times about going out to Dutch harbor for a king crab season and if I would have had the choice I would definitely have wanted to work on the Cornelia Marie for Cpt Phil Harris.

    My sympathy goes out to the family, Jake and Josh.

  17. Red3 says:

    We have all lost a friend,the show allowed us to be a part of his life, his love, and his way. Thank you Capt. Phil.

  18. Straycat says:

    I live in Switzerland, it’s so far from Bering sea. I just learn that Cpt Phil had passed and I feel very sad. He seemed to be the kind of person I like be my friend.
    I’ll miss him… God bless you Cpt Phil
    My sympathy to his family

  19. MONA says:

    I will miss him. But I really feel for the boys. Hope they are doing well. The Cornelia Marie is one of my favorite f/v and I felt they had a really great crew. I loved the pipe joke Capt Phil played on the Northwestern. My heart and sympathy to his loved ones.

  20. Dee Penney says:

    Sometimes the wind is in our sails
    Sometimes it’s in our faces;
    For those who go down to the sea
    And those ashore who love them,
    It matters not which way the wind
    Blows, so long as it blows home.

    You are home now, fellow sailor. God bless you and your family, and those fans who love you all.

  21. morris says:

    phil reminded me very much of my own father, when i left school at 15, my older brother was already crew on the family boat, along with my uncle and my father as skipper, i too had to take command aged 23 after my father had a heart attack, being the youngest of the crew of four, two uncles and a cousin, a real family boat, when my father died we had just bought a new boat and we were going to share command with my cousin and my younger brother as crew, still family, the harris’s, hansons, hillsbrands, all familys, show a life that most can never imagine, they see the sea, the weather, the work, but they seem to miss the whole family aspect of the job, i spent more time with my father than my mother did, i knew him better than anyone else in my family ever could, jake and josh have that to hold onto, they have those memories, nobody can take that from them, once they’ve thought about it and put those thoughts into action, whatever they decide? if they decide or have already decided to carry on and run the cornelia marie, they will have phil’s voice in their heads every time there a tough decision to make, “what would dad do?” it’s not a bad thing, it doesn’t make you weak, it just makes you safer, you don’t dive into things blindly, and no matter how others might compare you to your father, remember, he never would, no matter what he said in the heat of an arguement during day to day work, he built that legacy, he only wanted the best for his sons, his family, be happy, be proud, he will be remembered.

  22. kyle tucker says:

    i am so sorry to see capt. phil gone but at least he is in a better place. Him as well as the entire cast of deadliest catch thankyou for all you do,and for bringing to light your jobs as a hole. I know that there are alot of people that appreciate what you all do as well as have a great respect for you all, may GOD allways be with each one of you and keep you safe.

    with all GOD’s love kyle tucker

  23. Dennis Cain says:

    Josh and Jake, I will be thinking of your Dad ecerytime I watch the program from now on. I know that he deeply loved and caared for you guys, even though he did it very loudly sometimes. He also showed a softer more humorous side frequently. I liked and respected him even though we never met. I will be in Sitka Ak. in August 2010 and will dedicate my whole trip to the memory of Phil Harris, Husband, Dad and Crab Fisherman. God rest your Dad. I hope you guys continue with the life on the boat. On a more personal note to you, Jake, if you are in fact an addict, you can and must address the problem and beat it. I know you can and I am sure you Dad is watching and rooting for you.

  24. Teri Campisi says:

    I didn’t know of Capt. Phil’s death until I was watching “After the Catch” on June 15,2010. I was totally shocked to say the least. I loved watching Deadliest Catch and I felt I knew Phil. I will miss him dearly and it’s true ” The good do die young.
    My sympathies are with you Jake and Josh. I’m sure your Dad will always be with you no matter what you decide to do with your life. He’s surely looking down on you and will help you through the tough times.

    Be well and be careful!

  25. matthew says:

    We will miss you Phil the show will not be same with out you,

  26. matthew says:

    Mom and I have a of enjoyment watch Phili and Jake and josh over the years

  27. matthew says:

    how are jossh and jake doing

  28. matthew says:

    The eposide when gose to the hospital is gone to be hard to watch, because my home has heart problems just like phil and I know much josh and jake hurt.

  29. Joe in Fla. says:

    I’ve watched the show for the past several years. Last year when I got to Alaska for the first, but not the last, time, my biggest thrill was seeing a crab pot. Figure that.

    Phil, you were my man. A family man. Like you, I have a son and know what it’s like to raise one. You’re always raising them. RIP Captain!

    Jake and Josh, always remember life’s lessons your father taught you. That’s how his legacy will live on.

  30. pettyofficerramsey says:

    Rest in piece Captain.
    Fair Winds and Following Seas.

  31. Feisty says:

    I have watched every programme from the start of deadliest catch and not ashamed to say shed many of tears over lost men at sea and family losses to crew members, i watched the episode where Phil goes to the hospital and cried again, mainly as we know the outcome and of his passing. I remember Phil as the high spirits of the Fleet as ill as he has been he still kept a smile and lifted his crew every time he could, we have watched turmoil and sadness throughout the series and i suppose look up on them as somewhat of our own family. He will be missed by people all over the world but most of all by his Family and his crew, my thoughts are with Josh & Jake dont ever let him from your heart and keep his legacy alive.. After all he know lives within you! Rest in peace Captain Phil Harris xx

  32. I almost cried just looking at these pictures
    thank you fo sharing these woderful memories with us

  33. Sammy S says:

    I feel a sadness in my heart for the loss of Captain Phil, and my heart goes out to the family and the whole fleet.I think it is the best show on television and think it will continue to be.It won’t be the same without Captain Phil.He was as genuine as genuine can be and I really enjoyed his humor and his times of anger.There was a love and a tenderness I saw in him and also a toughness i saw.MY prayer is that God will continue to bless the Cornelia Marie and her crew with much bounty and fun.

  34. dory says:

    like someone said before it’s so sad looking at these pictures of phil and loved phil and still do and phil ur still the hurts knowing that ur not around any more, i love you and always loved ur boys even though u fought with them all the time , god bless u always , thank u for being such a great wonderful man that u were and still are

  35. matthew says:

    who will takeover for phili

  36. matthew says:

    How are his boys

  37. Melissa says:

    I was so devastated when I heard that Captain Phil had passed. He is my favorite Captain on Deadliest Catch. I loved watching him interact with his boys. It was obvious that he loved them more than anything even though he gave them the tough love approach. Phil was a great man, wonderful captain and amazing father. He will truly be missed! The show will not be the same without his larger than life personality, honesty, and famous one liners!

    I hope that Josh & Jake stay strong for each other and continue to carry on Phil’s legacy. It would be great to see the boys continue to be on Deadliest Catch. I wish them nothing but success and happiness!

    The next couple weeks of DC are going to be tear jerkers, but I am glad that the Harris family has agreed to show Phil’s story in it’s entirety. It will give a sense of closure to all of us Cornelia Marie fans that have fallen in love with beloved Captain Phil.

  38. Tom Crouch says:

    I was on vacation this past week, on a cruise, so I was just able to catch up on the episodes tonight. The episode that aired this week was very tough for me to watch as I lost my dad in December of 2009. While the circumstances were different leading up to their strokes, my dad too had a stroke after a surgery that removed part of his skull as well. After months of hospitalization we lost him. I feel for Jake and Josh as it seemed they went through a roller coaster with thinking their dad would pull through and then his downhill. I went through the same thing with my dad. I wish their family well as they go through this difficult journey. I would love to say it gets easier, but it doesn’t – we simply try to learn how to deal with it better as time goes on. I have always been able to relate to Phil, Jake, and Josh because my brothers and I worked with our dad; so I always had a good laugh watching Phil yell at the boys as I have walked in those shoes. Remember the good times gentleman and the trade that your father taught you. Be strong and LIVESTRONG men, your dad would want that.

  39. billy says:

    hurt the day i hear that Captain Phil on radio like lost good friend he riding the crb boat in sky now

  40. jason moore says:

    here to pay my respect to Capt Phil. I was never a commercial fisherman but have worked outdoors my whole life with close-knit crews and have had much camaraderie. I greatly enjoy watching DC along with my wife, who keeps a place on the dvr for all new episodes. Capt Phil and the Cornelia Marie were our favorite. I hope Josh and Jake will be able to continue on, and I can relate to their loss, as I lost my father to the big “C”, and had to watch as he withered away, until his merciful passing. Keep the faith boys, as you know your father would want it, mourn as you must, but celebrate his life, it was a great one, he touched many lives, was a big, honest, caring man, who deserves to be kept in our memories.

  41. Brian says:

    I grew up in a shrimp fishing, (five generations) and oil industry family, I was on the boat at 8 years old, I saw my Dad and myself, as Phil worked with and raised his sons on Deadliest Catch. I’m 49 years old and have been a Merchant Mariner Tugboat Captain for 27 years, and also shrimped in coastal Louisiana for years, it’s a shame that the shrimping industry is the way it is. Life at sea is tough, you miss your family a lot, miss the things that your kids do every day as they grow up. But I Love my work and the sea, it has always been a part of my life. Watching Deadliest Catch was always a pleasure, I looked fwd to it. I’m lucky my Dad is still with us, he’s 76 years old and still takes his boat out, so far I’m lucky, but i know his days are numbered and will miss him dearly when his time comes. Thanks for the great show, thanks for showing how our life at sea is, and how passionate we are about what we do. My condolences to family and friends,

  42. STEPHEN P MARSON says:





  43. matthew says:

    I last night I watch the were phili pass away, that was to see josh crying and then josh having to tell jake that they lost phili.

    We will miss you phili

  44. matthew says:

    I just now found out who the new captain is for phili ship is and it Derrick Ray

  45. matthew says:

    Sig new book is North by northwestern: a seafearing family on Deadly Alaskan Waters

  46. LeeInOceanside says:

    I feel the same way. Watching this show from the beginning of season 1 makes you feel you know these guys on a personal level. I love them all. Every single one of them.

  47. Tammie Jordan says:

    Phil you are not with us here on this earth. You will always be in our Hearts.We will miss u,we will always remember your crab farts.Please Rest in Peace. I feel like I know all of you guys on this show I can not wait untill it is time for your show to air every year.Josh,Jake can not wait to see you to do what your dad wanted you both to do, he loved and still love you both very much. Love Always Tammie Jordan

  48. Amelia says:

    Wow these are amazing pictures! I would love to put them on my lens on squidoo with your site link so I can give credit to you. My lens is a page dedicated to remembering phil. I will be sure to give your page credit and link them to you. These are amazing pics 😀 RIP PHIL!

  49. Brenda says:

    Captain Phil will be missed. He had a great attitude towards life and a great work ethic. He made the show so interesting. It was evident that he had lots of friends and people who cared about him. He was big on owning up to your responsibility…how fortunate the people were who could call him friend. He touched so many and made their lives better for it. He lived his life on his terms. If more of us had the courage to do that – we might be happier. Hope his sons find solace in how may people cared. May God be with you and guide you through the struggles to come. Remember, he will be with you.

  50. Tom Shellenberger says:

    The “Deadliest Catch” wil not be the same without Phil. He was a tough fisherman but his love of his sons and his high moral standards are what I will miss most. He showed that you can be a real “mans man” and be sensitive and caring for other people. God bless you Phil and may you keep his sons in you care and steer them in the path their father would want for them, whatever that is.

  51. jeffery a deshotels says:

    The world is not the same without Captian Phil.We will miss you dearly.God speed Captian Phil. May the barring sea watch over Josh & Jake & the rest of the crab fleet.

  52. Dawson says:

    My heart goes out to the Harris family for their loss, especially Phil’s father. Anyone who watches these episodes cannot help but be deeply touched. It speaks to some of the most basic aspects of the human condition. We connect to it on an intimate level because we can all find aspects of this condition inside of ourselves. People from every background can relate to the raw emotion of it. Our lives have been brought a little closer together thanks to the collective empathy which we have found. I don’t know what I would do without my dad, but I cannot begin to imagine what Phil’s father must feel. The bravery of the Harris family to share themselves with us through it all will not soon be forgotten.

  53. JIM PEARSON says:

    Thank youCapt. phil….for the smiles and tears…..I will see you on the other side…your an adventourer like me…BORN TO RIDE…
    Omaha NE

  54. Ann Marie Beauchemin says:

    All I can do is harvest more love for the man..


    Just a few words to the Harris family….
    my deepest sympahty to josh and jake,you have been left such good memories by your dad.

    he has a legend,stay strong and do him proud as i am sure he was so proud of you both.

  56. Lindy Olesen haderslev Danmark says:

    Hello Capt. Phil we will miss you in the new series, your good humor and the way you cope with all of your people and your boys, finally a greeting from Haderslev Denmark we know you are with our father in heaven = Rest in Peace

  57. Daniel from Germany says:

    The best ones go always too early.
    You are the best one.
    Whenever Cornelia marie on the sea goes you are present, only one cannot see you.

  58. Samuel Key Sr. says:

    I just found out that capt phill passing I am sad that he is gone. I was looking for season 6 of the dvd to come out so me and my wife can watch it together. He was one of our favorite one to watch and its sad to say all of the good ones leave us. He will be highly missed in the key famiy.

    Love Sam & Brittany key

  59. Nat's says:

    I didnt want to believe it until i had to, this sad event has just been aired on DC in the UK and i am truely gutted about this sad loss.
    The crews as good as let you into their lives and worlds so over the past 5 years you grow to love and respect them and Phil was especially loved by all viewers/fans.
    So god bless you Phil wherever you maybe, no doubt watching over your sons and crew always with that twinkle in your eyes.

    Miss You x

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