These are your skippers for ‘Deadliest Catch’ season 6!  What will we learn about them and from them this year?  Interesting biographies coming up at a later time.  For now, enjoy the pics and season 6 premiere!  (All images below are courtesy of none other then Discovery).

Edgar & Sig Hansen. Sig is Captain, but Edgar is in training

 Sig learned how to fish from his father and while he was still in high school, he worked along experienced fishermen both in Alaska and sometimes Norway in the summers.  He became relief skipper at 22 and at 26 was full-time captain.  Is it any wonder then, that Sig Hansen is intense and very focused?  He is 44, married with children–2 daughters–and his wife Juna calls in weather reports to him, while out at sea.

Captain "wild" Bill Wichrowski back in game.

 Bill Wichrowski is the newest skipper to the fleet of ‘Deadliest Catch’ featured boats, but he certainly isn’t new.  He makes his home in Seattle, WA.  He’s 52, also married, and with three children–Delia, Jake and Zach.  Zach is his new greenhorn this season.  He’s come back to Dutch Harbor and the Bering sea to get his share of the ‘red gold’.  According to Discovery, ‘Wild’ Bill is a man with ‘old school’ roots who’s used to doing things his own way and won’t hesitate to describe his opinions with other skippers.

Captain Keith is skipper, Monty(mouse) is 'relief' Captain

 Keith is a true adventurer.  He started out his adult life as a ski bum in Lake Tahoe, then went to Alaska with $50 in his pocket one day and hooked himself up with a job on the Alaska Trader.  Three years later he became a full share deckhand on the Wizard and has been there since.  He worked his way up to skipper and purchased another boat called the Sirene.  In 2004, he sold her and then finally purchased the Wizard.  Keith is married to Florence and they have two daughters.

Andy Hillstrand is Captain for Opilio season, Johnathan for King crab

 Johnathan Hillstrand is both a serious fisherman and skipper and also a prankster extraordinaire.  He was born and raised right in Alaska and the Timebandit calls Homer, AK, her home.  Not only does Johnathan have Bering sea experience but he also fished lobster in the Atlantic ocean for eight seasons.  He is not married but has two grown children, Tae and Scott.

Phil Harris--Skipper of the Cornelia Marie for 18 years, leaves a legacy behind.

 Phil Harris was born in 1956 and passed away February 9th,  2010.  He was skipper and half-owner  of the F/V Cornelia Marie for 18 years and had many years of experience as a fisherman prior to that.  He leaves behind a legacy, a legion of friends and peers, and he forever becomes part of the mystique–the history of crab fishing in the Bering sea– that fascinates us all and draws us in, yet at the same time remains elusive and untouchable–unless you were there, of course…

26 Responses to Captains

  1. darin white says:

    i will miss seeing phil on the show and piloting the cornelia REST IN PEACE BROTHER u will be missed

  2. Lori Taylor says:

    There has not been a day that I have not shed tears for Phil. I hope the hearts of his family and friends are healing faster than mine. I feel I lost a family member of my own. Thank you Discovery Channel for bringing this program into our homes. We will all miss our dear Captain Phil but at least we can pop in a video and watch him and hear his voice and remind us of why we fell in love with him. It would be nice for the service to be taped and sold on the discovery website so that the fans that can’t get there can share in it themselves. Proceeds can go to Phil’s charities. May God Bless and keep you all safe. REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND. We will all be together someday. You will never be forgotten. A fan of you ALL….Lori

  3. Deborah Goodman says:

    Tonight on the May 4th episode of Deadliest Catch I can honestly say I was very disappointed in Jonathon. What Keith said was not right but he wanted to make things right between the two before he headed home. Jon, you acted like a 5 year old when you would not accept his apology.You might not like each other but out on the Bering Sea you have shown us that Captains and crews need each other and often get on each others nerves just like family.Holding grudes makes a person hard to be around. Do yourself a favor and go have a beer with Keith and talk this out.You’ll both come out looking more respectable and human. I think it is what Phil would have you wanted you to do. Please don’t leave things the way they are.As Phil would probably tell you, “Life is too short.”

  4. Jennifer says:

    Keith is an a–hole. I do not enjoy watching him on Deadliest Catch. In fact I DVR it so I can fast forward through anything dealing with him. He is so self absorbed and talks s–t to his brother and crew but he didn’t to Jonathan. You go Jonathan put that sorry excuse for a human being in his place. His brother needs to grow a pair and lay that bas–rd out cold. Don’t take it anymore. Deadliest Catch needs to cut him loose. No one enjoys Keith but Keith

  5. Judy Bland says:

    I was totally suprized when I heard that my favorite Captain, Phil Harris, had passed.

    I had just before then watched him being interviewed on a local tv channel in Redding Ca.

    I remember the episode when he had to go to the hospital and found out the bad news. He actually went outside the doors of the place to have a cigarette. I guess he thought it too late to make any life style changes at that point.

    In any event, he will be truly missed and I do hope his two boys will keep the family tradition going in honor of their father

  6. capt. Bill says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you Jake and Josh. Being in the maritime industry for most of my life I understand the lifestyle and hardship and danger that comes along with it. Your dad was someone I looked up to and admired. I just lost my dad last year and I know how devastating it is. Working with family is very hard but at the same time you got to experience some great times together. I hope that you guys carry on the awesome legacy your dad left behind. So from over here on the northeast Atlantic coast , keep your head up and keep fishing!! Capt. Billy

  7. Robin Bianco says:

    I will miss you Captain, my Captain.

  8. Shireen Clawson says:

    I too was so very shocked when Capt. Phil passed. Really difficult to watch him this season with Josh & Jake, going on with their usual ‘stuff’ NOT knowing what was about to happen to all their lives. Shows me you have to live each day like it was your last, cause we just never know. I will always remember Phil for the show when he was trying to locate the crabs and he came up with “Just gotta follow the smell of the crab farts’! And by gosh he Found Em! I laughed so hard I had a side-ache! Rest In Peace Phil. I just hope the boys continue to work together and avoid their differences.

  9. Lisa Harper says:

    Enjoy the show – enjoy getting to know the characters – really enjoy the camera work and will miss Capt Phil!

    Coming to Seattle late July 2010 but can’t find a Deadliest Boat to tour. Also heading to Alaska July 29 – Aug 6th – on a cruise ship. Will there be any Deadliest Catch activities going on?

    Take Care and God’s Speed
    A Fan from the beginning!!

  10. The Viking (Sweden) says:

    To Capt. Phil Harris Wish you to rest in peace (R.I.P) and you will always have a special place in all fans heart, God bless y ou and your family… From all of your fans in Sweden.

  11. marv says:

    The show will not be the same with-out Capt. Phil.

  12. Hi my name is Brooks Foster i live in TN i am a very hard worker i am 24 i would like to know how i could become a crab fisherman i work at the specialty tires of America Ive been there over 2 years i know i would be good at it and work very hard i was raised rough, so please email me and let me know how i could become one ,my email is ( Thank Brooks Foster

  13. Liz in Florida says:

    I am terribly missing Phil. Please, please, please play or give us some part of his funeral or memorial service. If Josh and Jake and Corneilia Marie are not to have a future with Discovery for whatever reason, please play a final episode telling us what is to become of our beloved captain’s boat and boys.

  14. Well Guys . . .
    I like what you guys do. I am recently a cripplied guy, and being able to walk , has passed me.
    I used to work on a 1200 gpm R.O. Unit, as quality control Super, for IT, on a govenment ammunitions plant-we ran 4,000,000 of rain water that filled a pit dug to get old ordinace out of the ground, that was burried, after the veitmam war. TNT, RDX, and DDT were durried
    there after the war and it started showning up in surface water, water wells , in a town near by, It took us 1 month treat the water, they could not just pump it out, it was contaminated.
    We worked the same ways you guys do. We had a water treatment plant made out of several
    18′ trailers parked end to end containing ,prefiltration, 9 – 10” Rad steel tube, where pressurses could reach 12,000 PSI, usually we maintained 4,5 hundred pd,s. in each cylinder

    But we mantained the same kind of pressures on 2 banks of 8 – 20′ cylinders each filled from it’s own hydralic hose all coming from a header with 8 outlets.

    The water was nothing but rain water runoff. As IT was buning the dirt and we ran the rain water
    We had made 2 headers to handle 800,000,000 It was a very dangerous job.I hated just walking by these lines, If one blew, it would take were head off.

    I’ve seen one go lose ,and beat side out of the truck

  15. Mary Beth says:

    very sorry to hear about Dad watching how much he loved his sons

  16. Christie Trent says:

    I watch the show every week and when it is on special times and it makes me so sad to see him on the show knowing he is dead. My husband came home from work and told me he had died, I was in shock! The last show I watched is June 16th and the time Jake was stealing his dad’s medicine and told Phil that he was an addict, I will have to watch the next episode to see what happen’s. I pray that Phil knew the Lord most of all. I continue to pray for him. I also pray for the boy’s but I cried all that night knowing that Jake took his dad’s medicine, I hope the fury of Phil’s temper didn’t cause that stroke that caused his death. I am one year younger than Phil, that boat really aged him I thought that he was much older, I am still watching the show but I can’t get that off my mind and my heart. I am going to watch but I pray he knew the Lord I hope the bad words were just that and he was a christian and is with the Lord know if not. I can’t say any more. But I pray for the boys.

  17. To Phil’s sons and family

  18. Judy says:

    It is amazing how Phil really, sincerely touched our hearts. It is really hard to see the guys on After the Catch dealing with this painful loss. I really wish Sig would think about what his smoking is doing to his body. He has so much stress out there and the smoking only increases his risk of a stroke. I don’t want his family or fans to have another loss.

  19. Kelly Hoover says:

    Johnathan, hoping you will come to Missouri before the end of summer and visit me and my two sons at Callaway Raceways in Fulton. They both race dirt modified cars and are having a great season so far, oldest has won 6 weeks in a row. I know you love racing, so what is the holdup! NASCAR is great, but you haven’t seen racing until you watch them do it in the dirt! Promise you will have a great time. PLEASE!!!!! Email me

  20. Bruce MCDougall says:

    Phil you had a style and charisma about you that drew fans in and made the program a true pleasure to watch every week . I will miss your wit and talent as a regular guy and great human being . GOD BLESS YOU and WE”LL All MISS YOU .

  21. tinar says:

    Our prayers to your will be sadly missed.may the C.M. fish on with you at there side,and may your spirit live on through your children. God Bless you all.

  22. Robert Z Stafford says:

    Well I Feel That we are all family .We watch all Episodes Of Deadliest catch . As A 74 year old man I am not ashamed that I also shed tears when Phil Left for a better place .However We are very fond Of all of the Captians & Crews . I can not think of a better thing than to sit around a table with all of You having a Pint Of Ale May GOD bless your ships and all of you .

  23. WD says:

    From the other side of the world in Southeast, La. You will be missed brother. Being from a fishing family and community there is a connection. The show will never be the same…….

  24. Arlene says:

    There is a rumor that the Time Bandit and Northwestern will not be on the show next year. If that is the case, you will lose a great deal of your viewers. I for one will never watch again if that is the case. We have come to know and love these captains. I buy the videos at the end of every season. Captain Johnathan is my favorite and the compassion he showed to Jake and Josh while Phil was in the hospital was incredible. He has also done a great deal for the fundraisers for Jake Anderson’s fund for find Keith Anderson. He obviously is a kind and loving man, who can be tough as nails while crabbing. Discovery channel will be cutting their own throats if they get rid of these boats. No one likes Keith and rightfully so. I wish Johnathan would have punched him instead of just pushing him. Those captains have such a vast following nationwide and also worldwide. You had better think twice Discovery!

  25. opilia says:

    Arlene–I havent heard of this rumor yet. You do realize that Deadliest Reports is not Discovery, right? And by the way–I’m with you in that the Northwestern and Timebandit need to be in season 7!

  26. Arlene says:

    I did not realize that. Thanks and I hope someone forwards this to them! They need to know how outraged their viewers would be if that occurs.

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