Not only are Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand attending the 2010 Astoria Commerical Fishermen’s Festival this year in Astoria, Oregon,  one lucky fan will win a free motorcyle ride with Captain Johnathan!  …Donate and you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a ride with Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand!  It’s on September 18th & 19th–you should be there!

Word is, more ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers and deckhands may be attending such as ‘Wild Bill’, Keith Colburn, etc…

Details on the Timebandit website and at the Commercial Fishermen’s Festival site.  Make sure to make the jump to check out the festival website to get a glimpse of last year’s fun!

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  1. Steven Rogers says:

    I have watched your show ever since it first went on air and i know that it is a very dangerous job but i will break my back to please you and your crew.I am 32 years old and the father of 4 and would love to make a better life for my family and you will never have any drama from me,I will watch there back and i know they will do the same for me and if you give me a chance i will never let you down.Just make the call and i will be on the first flight out so please feel free to call me day or night@828-400-3546 cell and 828-492-0196@home.I hope that you will give me a chance and if there is no room on your boat than i will be happy to work on another .Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you soon.Good luck and god bless. Steven Rogers

  2. We are so excited for this weekend we can hardly wait!! will be down there, soup ladles in hand, ready to serve it up all weekend! Look for the lighthouses on our booth!! Stop by and say hello! WELCOME TO ASTORIA!! Thank you for supporting our community and the fishing industry!

  3. This weekend’s Commercial Fishermen’s Festival in Astoria, OR was one to remember. Thousands of people showed up with their custom t-shirts, tattoos, fishing stories and leather jackets. All kinds of people, all walks of life, yet all the same in the joy and love they all shared for the Deadliest Catch Crews and the respect for their work. Then there was the tribute to Captain Phil Harris… It was amazing to see everyone show their love and support for the Harris family and to all of those who worked with and loved Captain Phil. The memorial ride, the festival, the stories, the tears and cheers- Capt. Phil was smiling down this weekend – that’s for sure! What an amazing experience.

    The Delay’s
    Astoria, OR

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