’Deadliest Catch’ fans–meet the season 6 King crab crews!  Most faces will look very familiar, some are brand new–for sure all are interesting!  Skipper Wild Bill doesn’t look like he will disappoint!  Discovery has individual albums dedicated to each boat & crew with many images and biographies for all fishermen!  Check them out!  (Images below courtesy Discovery).

Cornelia Marie crew season 6  CORNELIA MARIE – 2009 King Crab Season: Captain Phil Harris (center) and his crew (l. to r.) Greenhorn Ryan Simpson, Engineer Steve Ward, Deckhand Jake Harris, Deckhand Josh Harris and Deckhand Freddy Maugatai.


Northwestern crew season 6 Northwestern crew, from left to right: Jake Anderson, Matt Bradley, Edgar Hansen, Captain Sig Hansen, Norm Hansen, Nick Mavar, Jr.


TimeBandit crew season 6  TIME BANDIT – 2009 King Crab Season: Captains Johnathan (left) and Andy Hillstrand and their crew on deck including (l. to r.) Deckhand John  Jorgensen, Deckhand Mike Fourtner, Deckhand Eddie Uwekoolani, Deckhand Scott Hillstrand and Deckhand Neal Hillstrand


Wizard crew season 6 WIZARD – 2009 King Crab Season: Wizard Captain Keith Colburn (center) and his crew (l. to r.) Deckhand Lynn Guitard, Deckhand Travis Lofland, Relief Captain Monte Colburn, Engineer Lenny Lekanoff, First Mate Gary Soper and Greenhorn Joel Ziele


Kodiak crew season 6 KODIAK – 2009 King Crab Season: Kodiak Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski (right) and his crew (l. to r.) Deckhand Zach Larson, Deckhand Rodrigo Castillo, Deckhand Melvin Koso, Deckhand/Engineer Adam McCalden and Deckhand Derrik Santy.

5 Responses to Crews

  1. Tina Martin says:

    I love this show .It is so intence. Hey captain Zig and Phill you guys need to take a look at your health issues ,( don’t want you leave my favorite show). I can spend hours watching you guys when I am doing my homework, I am studding to be a chef That crab gives me inspiration. Good luck you sexy things.

  2. Sara Parton says:

    This show makes every foot of my dreads just quiver.
    Nothing but respect for hard work, so fucking rewarding to know you’ve earned your money. Passion baby!

  3. Kym Coffey says:

    Hi all….I know it is my buddies first season with I believe The Kodiak….His name is Clint Bush….Just wanted to send a message…Your being thought of and I hope all is going well for you guys…Hard work, guess it pays off big time or you crazy asses wouldn’t be doing it….Come home safe Clint and crew…All of you. Thanks for entertaining all of us, especially me….YUMMY

  4. Kate McConville says:

    I would love to have a beer with you guys.

  5. Dawn Dibble says:

    I loved that there was a new boat on the show this season. I was impressed with the Kodiak and Bill and his crew. Bill has a hot temper and I know I would not want to be the one to cross him. I wouldn’t mind finding out some more information on Adam, he is cute.

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