Geico Caveman cooking for Deadliest Catch skippers

The GEICO Caveman’s got something cooking on the Time Bandit of “Deadliest Catch” fame, and Andy Hillstrand isn’t happy.

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Hillstrands in more Geico Commercials

Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand in another Geico commerical installment and this time, without the caveman! …Still funny though!

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Sig Hansen on cover of Yachting Magazine

It’s kind of hard to believe how much traveling some of the ‘Deadliest Catch’ fishermen do in the summer during off season, especially Sig Hansen!  Literally, it’s impossible to keep track of the activities and events taking place in a short period of time but let me give you an example of Captain Sig’s latest movements.  Earlier this month, I saw a video clip of Sig in Norway, then he made an appearance in Wisconsin for a major fish fry at a casino and lodge.  Keep in mind of course, that Sig and Andy and Johnathan Hillstrand also have nine events that they’re appearing together at and those venues stretch from the west and east coasts and up into Canada, and if that doesn’t boggle the mind, the skipper of the F/V Northwestern has even managed to squeeze in a photo shoot and interview for Yachting Magazine!

It’s the August 2010 issue that Sig Hansen appears on and the story featuring him and 12 others is called ‘Pioneers of Adventure’.  Check out the excerpt below and then make the jump and read the entire article.  Magazines should still be available at your local bookstore if you’re interested in this issue…

Captain Courageous
Treacherous weather, life-and-death decisions, and the sheer white-knuckle power of the Bering Sea have made “Deadliest Catch” a must-watch for any boater seeking serious armchair adventure. For one
of the show’s stars, Captain Sig Hansen, the real adventure is not just hunting for king crab through dangerous passages and raging storms. Instead, it’s exploring his industry’s hidden past—and exposing it to the world for the first time.

“There’s only so many crab pots you can pull,” Hansen says. “So now it’s turned into being about the personalities of the captains and crew. It’s a neat little history lesson for the public. For years, this was a very low-key industry. It was almost clannish. Because of ‘Deadliest Catch,’ knowledge is exploding. And when you understand the history of something, you can get a broader perspective than you would ever imagine.”

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Not only are Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand attending the 2010 Astoria Commerical Fishermen’s Festival this year in Astoria, Oregon,  one lucky fan will win a free motorcyle ride with Captain Johnathan!  …Donate and you will receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win a ride with Capt. Johnathan Hillstrand!  It’s on September 18th & 19th–you should be there!

Word is, more ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers and deckhands may be attending such as ‘Wild Bill’, Keith Colburn, etc…

Details on the Timebandit website and at the Commercial Fishermen’s Festival site.  Make sure to make the jump to check out the festival website to get a glimpse of last year’s fun!

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Deadliest catch: Edgar, Matt, and Jake are headed to Florida

“Deadliest Catch” Crew Coming to Ft. Myers

 Pinchers Crab Shack is hosting a block party at their new Gulf Coast Town Center location with 3 of the crewmembers from the Discovery Channel’s Northwestern on Aug. 21st.

Pinchers Crab Shack Logo Pinchers Crab Shack, renowned family-owned seafood restaurant, is hosting a block party at their new Gulf Coast Town Center location with 3 of the crewmembers from the Discovery Channel’s Northwestern: Edgar Hansen – Deck Boss, Matt Bradley – Deckhand and Jake Anderson – Junior Deckhand on Saturday, August 21st.

Excited about opening their 8th location, Pinchers wants to celebrate with the community. The event is free, open to the public and will feature live music, a silent auction and festivities for the entire family.

Avid motorcycle riders when not fishing, all three crewmembers will be participating in a ride from Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers to Naples Harley-Davidson and ending at Pinchers Crab Shack the day of the event. Participants should arrive at Harley-Davidson of Fort Myers at 2:00 p.m., leaving at 3:00 p.m. The second leg of the ride will leave Naples Harley-Davidson at 4:45 p.m. arriving at Pinchers Crab Shack by approximately 5:30 p.m.

From 5:30 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. at Pinchers, guests will get to mingle with the crew, take photos and participate in a Northwestern “stories from the sea” question and answer session. The Dazzling Delrays will play from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. followed by Deb and the Dynamics from 9:00 pm. to midnight.  

Funds will be raised and split between two causes – Blessings in a Backpack and Jake Anderson’s search for his father. Blessings is a local nonprofit organization feeding area hungry children( Anderson’s father has been missing since January and the funds will be used to continue the search (

With “you can’t fake fresh” as the company motto and a focus on quality control, Pinchers Crab Shack is the ideal place to enjoy seafood in Southwest Florida. For more information on the new Gulf Coast Town Center restaurant located at 9903 Gulf Coast Main Street, or one of their seven other locations throughout Southwest Florida, please visit their website,, their Facebook page ( or chat with them on Twitter (

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It’s not King crab or Sharks, it’s Swordfish…

Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to new episodes of ‘Deadliest Catch’ for the season and it’s probably going to seem like a long and dry spell ’til season 7 airs but it’s not all bad…

This week is ‘Happy Shark Week’ all week long on Discovery and starting next Tuesday night we can all sit back at 9pm eastern for the season 2 premiere of ‘Swords’.  For sure it’s not crab fishing in the Bering sea, but at least it’s on Tuesday nights, same time, and its still about fishermen…  Here’s the eppy guide for ‘Swords’:

EPISODE 201: “Grand Banks or Bust”
Season 2 begins with Capt. Scotty crowded out of his favorite fishing spot and legendary Capt. Linda vowing to find fish this year or retire for good. His deckhand brother’s medical bills puts Capt. Chomps in the red before they even leave the dock.

EPISODE 202: “Deckhands Down”
Capt. “Slick” and his young guns join the fishing grounds. Capt. Linda’s crew is dropping like flies after bad luck and injuries. Blue sharks are Capt. Scotty’s bane, but sharktagger Lisa’s boon. Chomps questions his decision to come to the Grand Banks.

EPISODE 203: “Turf War”
The Frances Anne’s gear is “all sharked up,” and a deckhand’s mistake almost costs them the fish they already have in the hold. Eagle Eye II is defending its turf when deckhand Fox is knocked to the deck. Capt. Chomps clashes with another captain.

EPISODE 204: “Overloaded and into the Storm”
Fish holds are filled or filling fast. The Big Eye survives the storm, but more than just fish leave Capt. Chomp’s boat when they reach port. Capt. Slick forgives and forgets Lenny’s mistake when their new problem becomes finding more space to stuff fish.

EPISODE 205: “So Close But So Far”
Capt. Linda rides out the storm in port, while Capt. Scotty debates high prices vs. hurricane-force winds to decide whether docking is just too dangerous. Out at sea, the storm is fouling gear and tempers.

EPISODE 206: “Man Overboard!”
On the second trip, fishing is poorer and weather is no better. The Big Eye heads south to safer waters, but the job is still as dangerous — as greenhorn Don find out when he goes overboard into sharky waters.

EPISODE 207: “Needle and Thread to the Head”
Boat and crew member frustrations stymie the Bjorn 2. Greenhorn Don decides to take sewing up his head wound into his own hands, literally. Stress causes Capt. Slick to blow his stack. Later, he’s demoted when the boat owner decides to take over the helm.

EPISODE 208: “Trapped”
Capt. Scotty’s gamble doesn’t pay off. His gear becomes tangled in traps, the line snapping and whipping deckhand Brian. Capt. Chomps’ luck is looking up until a line fouls the Big Eye’s propeller. It’s dead in the water, and Hurricane Ida is approaching.

EPISODE 209: “What Happened on the Back Deck?”
Supplies are low, fish few and luck bad. The Bjorn 2 must fish short-handed when Deckhand Dave goes overboard and Capt. Linda is forced from the deck when her hand accidentally gets caught in the hauling block.

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