Fishing Vessels

These are the season 6 fishing boats and they’re all looking mighty sharp!

113 ft. long/Carries 137 pots/holds 120,000 lbs of King crab/built in 1991

Fishing Vessel Timebandit coming through the spray

128 ft long/carries 180 pots/holds 312,000 lbs of King crab/built 1989

Fishing Vessel Cornelia Marie, King crab season

155 ft long/carries 250 pots/holds 400,000 lbs of King crab/built 1945

Fishing Vessel Wizard--King crab season

127 ft long/carries 250 pots/holds 251,000 lbs of King crab/built 1977

F/V Northwestern--starboard and bow

111 ft. long/Carries 140 pots/holds 210,000 lbs King crab/built 1978

F/V Kodiak out at sea during King crab season

14 Responses to Fishing Vessels

  1. Tina Martin says:

    Northwestern and the Time Bandit are great looking vessels. Hey just want to ask .. do you guys rock and roll when your out on the water?n If so what type of music do you listen to?

  2. Katie Hunter says:

    I love Deadliest Catch! Seeing what you guys do out there is awesome. Time Bandit and Northwestern are my favorite boats! You guys stay safe out there! Love ya all!

  3. Liz McMaster says:

    Not answering FOR the DC crew/boats, but my husband fished on a few of these boats before the tv show (Aleutian Ballad, etc.) for Kings and Opies and currently runs his own Dungeness crab boat here in OR and yes, they most definitely “rock out” on the back deck, it really helps with the energy level at times.
    The first thing my oldest son did with our boat was to purchase and wire a stereo and speakers….


  4. eric says:

    cool looking boats man like show

  5. Devon says:

    The CM and TB definitely rock out but Sig has said he tired it once and almost had a bad accident and finds music too distracting. Not sure about the other boats.

    On a side note, Phil liked 70s and 80s rock Pink Floyd era and Johnathan is more of an 80s guy.

  6. eric says:

    the time bandit and northwestern are the coolest boats on the show but i like kieth on the wizard and i like the kodiak

  7. christine says:

    Idk about you guys but if we are talking about looks the time bandit wins the vote for me also, but being this shows biggest fan i have to say the best boat out their is the cornelia marie its always been my favorite and has the best crew!

  8. Charles Kelley says:

    Do these fishing vessels dump their waste (toilets) into the water or do they store it and off load after the trip?

  9. Dee Penney says:

    Wow, they all look really good, but as I am an Alabama girl, a mechanic, and a past gulf shrimper, I am really partial to the Cornelia Marie, but I love the house-forward design of the Northwestern- I guess it’s a tie. 🙂

  10. Scott says:

    I do not have a personal favorite boat that I love to watch more on the show, I however love to watch all you guys on tv do what you all love to do most and that’s fish the bearing sea. My heart and Prayers go out to all of you and hope that you survive every season and hope to see more of you on tv. R.I.P Phil Harris you will be missed and I hope that jack and josh will follow in your footsteps and bring back the Marie for Season 7 😀

  11. matthew says:


  12. Judy says:

    I love fishing boats period. My parents and grandfather fished Salmon in Alaska before I was even born. Wish I was there. The Cornelia Marie and Northwestern and their capt. and crews are my favorites.

  13. Micki says:

    The Cornelia Marie is the sharpest looking boat and had the nicest, funniest captain at her helm. Miss you terribly, Captain Phil.

  14. your show is great it captian phil will be missed

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