RAGNHILD MONCRIEF of the F/V Far West Leader

 Ragnhild Moncrief was kind enough to provide me with  information for this and it’s much appreciated!  And she’s a busy person with her own work and  the F/V Far West Leader with her husband, Greg.  Not to mention she also now has a myspace, a Greg and Ragnhild website and also a  Far West Leader website.  Please enjoy reading and learning a little about one of the few Deadliest Catch women!

DID YOU KNOW…Ragnhild and Greg met 20 years ago out on the Bering sea on the F/V Northern Glacier and continued to work together there until they were married three years later.

DID YOU KNOW…Ragnhild and Greg have two daughters–Christina 17, and Victoria 13, and while all of us fans are watching the concluding episodes of Deadliest Catch, season 3, Ragnhild and Christina will be travelling to Alaska, specifically to Bristal Bay to join Greg on the Far West Leader for salmon tendering. This will be Christina’s third summer of working on the fishing vessel.

DID YOU KNOW…That even though Ragnhild had worked with Greg several seasons, this was her first time fishing for Opilio, and therefore her first time out at sea in the middle of winter.  She said that being out in the Bering sea in the middle of Febuary was definitely more than what she’d bargained for!

DID YOU KNOW…That Greg is actually Ragnhild’s very best friend?  We may have seen Greg giving Ragnhild a hard time every now and then on the show, but out of concern for her well-being, Greg called her in from the deck more times then what we saw and Ragnhild says he is truly very helpful and nice to her while fishing.

DID YOU KNOW…Ragnild had cooked on the Far West Leader before, but she had never worked on deck and was eager this season to overcome her fear of crabs…She did!

DID YOU KNOW…According to Ragnhild, every job on a crab fishing vessel is exhausting and the two jobs she feels she can do on deck are making bait and sorting crab.

DID YOU KNOW…Ragnhild works full time as a travel agent that specializes in the Alaskan fishing industry, which helps her to get time off during certain seasons.  She’s even worked out of an office in Dutch Harbor before while she waited for the return of the Far West Leader.

DID YOU KNOW…Ragnhild hardly has time for television but she enjoys watching Oprah sometimes, and her favorite fish is Halibut.

*Thank you Ragnhild

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4 Responses to RAGNHILD MONCRIEF of the F/V Far West Leader

  1. I love her. She’s a kick in the ass. And she holds her own with Greg. They’re so darn fun to watch.

  2. Kim says:

    Ragnhild is as down to earth as they come. She’s written me back personal notes a couple of times on myspace! One cool lady!

  3. Pamela Mills says:

    Ragnhild almost stole the show. I give her a lot of credit. You go girl !!!!!!

  4. Terry Gabriel says:

    Ragnhild is COOLER than a milkshake, a lovely Lady!

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