The Hillstrands on Phil Harris

Listen to Captains Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand as they chat about their crab jig, Andy’s moonwalking, and Phil Harris. (2008)

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5 Responses to The Hillstrands on Phil Harris

  1. Nat's says:

    Well we have all said it many a time but what a fantastic group of guys, amazing men!! Love you all xxx

  2. snowy says:

    hey John and Andy! we all love you guys at my house and even got to meet you, John last yr at Charlotte, NC at the race. keep doing the crab dance for us!!!!!

  3. Dawn says:

    Well, we all learned from Phil’s experience. If you are sick, go home, period. That includes the dancing Hillstands….

    Oh, but if 200 kings or 1100 opilios land in a pot, we do expect a dance on top of the wheel house…lol

    Great pod cast! Thanks opilio for posting the best of the interviews.

  4. Reg Patchell says:

    To Phil, his family & crew & all of the king crab fishermen,
    I wanted to say that all of our thoughts & prayers are with all of you, especially with Phil & his family. For the past 4 years I have had to under go NUMEROUS operations as the doctors have worked to save my leg and reconstruct my jaw from a couple of incidents. During this time I found your show and I find my self awe struck, not being able to leave the room watching you and how very hard you all work and teh danger involved which I am sure no one knew about EXCEPT for those who have lived through the seasons up north. I was a police officer for 23 years, worked in the prison system for 17, was a dairy farmer for 20 as well as being a volunteer fire fighter and medical tech. I always thought that I knew what hard work was and long hours were as well as dealing with dangerous situations, that was until I found your show. I use to ride in my uncle’s lobster boat as a child in Maine when he would go out on his trips as a vacation BUT that is nothing compared to what you endure. I must also say that I found it very hard to believe that Discovery channel even tried to show the lobstering show and the members saying how hard they work, how dangerous it is for them, give me a break!
    I have lost my dad to cancer 25 years ago and my mom just passed away last year from cancer of the esophagus, even while dealing with my mom’s death I still went back and watched the re-runs of your show . I have dealt with death in so many situations and ways and there is one thing that I HOPE that ALL of the members of the Deadliest Catch show will do and that is to quit smoking all together. I watched both parents go from smoking and when I saw Phil coughing, his young sons smoking as well as some other crews I just wanted to send up a line saying to please stop, stop for you, for your family members, your crew, your loved ones, most of all-for your self. I HOPE that Somehow , someway Phil can and will return to his ship, his young men ( sons & crew) and the crabbing seasons that he so much loves and is great at. No matter what, if the doctors say no more crabbing, rest assured that your two sons and that great crew that you have nurtured along over the years will do fine, not as great as they have with you but they will be ok. Just take the time to enjoy each other, family history and family stories- pass those along. That is one thing that I missed out on, I have no idea of our heritage or the funny family stories because my dad died when I was young and my mom for some reason just never seemed to want to answer my questions. Because of my injuries I no longer can do the jobs that I have always loved so very much, going from 0 to 110 mph in a few seconds as we would be called to some crime or medical. I no longer will ever be able to farm again either BUT I do know the love of motorcycles as Phil also knows. I have ridden since I was 16 years old and still ride my 2001 Honda Goldwing but I need a few added items which allow me to shift the bike and I have added many safety features such as modulating headlights. On the bike I know the love and the dangers so I hope that all of these frigging crazy cars that are all around here will now head over to China to stay and watch the Olympics, that way Phil can have a LOT of safe and stress free motorcycle riding.
    To all of the members of deadliest catch, PLEASE take care, on and off season. There are so many of us out here who wish all of you all of the luck in the world, all of the great health, happiness fun & great times on your ship. Take care and stay safe. If you ever happen to drive through Conn. on your bikes, campers, anything please feel free to stop in as many other bikers do for a cup of coffee ( old cop habit) , or brew, a hearty meal and some good laughs.

  5. pamela says:

    To the harris family:
    My prays go out to you and your family,please don’t try that again phil if your sick go home or to the hospital.We deadliest catch fans love you and don’t want anything to happen to you.I hope that all the skippers and their crews can stay safe this crab season.GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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