Fishing Vessels from Deadliest Catch, season 1

  1. BIG VALLEY, skippered by Gary Edwards (Sunk Jan. 15th, 2005, only 1 survived)
  2. BILLIKIN, skippered by Jeff Weeks
  3. FIERCE ALLEGIANCE, skippered by Tony LaRussa
  4. LADY ALASKA, skippered by Pete Liske
  5. LUCKY LADY, skippered by Vince Shavender
  6. MAVERICK, skippered by Rick Quashnick and tended to by Donna Quashnick
  7. NORTHWESTERN, skippered by Sig Hansen
  8. RETRIEVER, skippered by Jim Stone
  9. SAGA, skippered by Roger Strong
  10. SEA STAR, skippered by Larry Hendricks
  11. WESTERN VIKING, skippered by Coleman Anderson
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6 Responses to Fishing Vessels from Deadliest Catch, season 1

  1. mel white says:

    Really well documented knew a few faces ,,,Last time I fished up there was 1999 King Crab On Pacific Fury and Nordic Fury live back in Ireland now

  2. opilia says:

    Hi Mel. It’s always nice to meet another fisherman…especially a crab fisherman. I bet you’ve got a lot of memories you wouldn’t trade for anything! Thanks for posting and let me know what you think from time to time.

  3. Teresa Gauthier says:

    I am trying to get an email address for the skipper of the Bountiful, Jeff Weeks. If there is anyone out there that has this information I would appreciate it. I find him very interesting.
    Thank You,

  4. Roger Jensen says:

    Jeff Weeks can be contacted through Trident Seafoods…located in Seattle, Washington. I worked with Jeff years ago. He is, indeed, a “character”. ( I say that with the highest regard for him.)
    Trident Phone # 800 426-5490

  5. Dee Schauer says:

    Trying to find email or any contact for Tony LaRussa of the Fierce Allegiance. Any help appreciated.

    Mrs. Dee Schauer
    Boyd TX

  6. cor van keulen says:

    does anybody have the email adres of captain peter liske of the lady alaska or the email adres on board the ship would like it
    sensear greetings
    cor van keulen
    security officer of the dutch urker fleet
    staf member of admiral crown on board the
    urk 20 flag ship of the urker dutch fleet based at
    shore safety agent of the urker fleet at holland.

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