Upcoming Shows With Similiarities to Deadliest Catch

First of all…NOTHING replaces Deadliest Catch!  Deadliest Catch is in it’s own class however, there are several shows coming up that seem as if they are “structured” somewhat like Deadliest Catch.  They may prove to be interesting.  Some are starting now and some are still in the works…

LOBSTER WARS :  (Currently in production)  200 miles off the coast of New England, in the turbulent waters of the North Atlantic, a battle is being waged over lobster. As lobstermen set out from historic fishing towns like Gloucester, MA and Point Judith, RI, they continue a tradition that pre-dates the Pilgrims. These fifth generation lobstermen ply the same waters of their fathers, but increasingly scarce beds have created vicious Lobster turf wars -costing fortunes in ruined gear and lost opportunity.

ICE ROAD TRUCKERS(Airing tonight at 10pm eastern on the History Channel) 50-ton payloads. 430-hp engines. Four feet of gently shifting ice, and some of the toughest road and weather conditions imaginable… Welcome to the world of ICE TRUCKING on the winter roads, carved each year across the lakes and tundra of the rugged Northwest Territories. This is a world where a roadbed of ice is the only land route linking remote diamond and gold mines to the rest of the world. These frontier outposts depend on the winter road, and the truckers that brave it, for the transportation of construction equipment, building materials, power generators, and essential survival goods such as food and fuel.

OIL, SWEAT, AND RIGS(Airing Monday at 8pm eastern on Discovery) As the supervisor (John Welsh) of a Doyon Drilling, Inc. oil rig, which drills wells for ConocoPhillips, he and his crew will be at the center of the new series, “Oil, Sweat & Rigs.” The series illustrates the unique and potentially perilous job Welsh does every day in a desolate landscape, where he regularly works in -40 degree weather with wind chill factors of up to -70 degrees.“(Discovery Channel crews) decided they would come up when the rig is moving and and doing exploration for wells,” he said. “Basically, we have three months to explore for oil, a real short timeline. It’s got to be about 40 below so we can build an ice road to move the rig.”

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2 Responses to Upcoming Shows With Similiarities to Deadliest Catch

  1. Ray Dent says:

    If all these shows are done as well as “The Deadliest Catch” it will be great. But, I think Mike Rowe adds to the program.

  2. Meghan Hause says:

    I do watch “Oil, Sweet, and Rigs” and it a good series and I like the fact that they spend an entire episode on one team. “Ice Road Truckers” just started and it is narratated by Thom Beers. “Lobster Wars” might be narratated by Mike Rowe, because it air on Discovery.

    Ice Road Truckers has the same look to it as DC and it also has some of the theme music that DC has.

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