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Who Would the ‘Deadliest Catch’ skippers like to fish with?

  Have you ever check out Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Wiki?  If you have, you know then, that when you join there’s a personal profile to fill out and few ‘Deadliest Catch’ questions to answer such as Who’s your favorite skipper?, … Continue reading

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Opilio Season 2008 Update

KIAL News out of Dutch Harbor, Alaska reports on the booming Opilio crab season & fishing that’s currently taking place in the Bering sea… Per Charles Homans, the sea ice has encroached to the Pribilof islands but so far, doesn’t appear … Continue reading

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“Deadliest Catch” Halloween

Discovery ran into some really diehard “Deadliest Catch” fans (gotta love that).  Apparently they decorated their entire office in “Deadliest Catch” Halloween decor.  What a great idea!    Meet the Field Research Management Team of the CoStar Group, Inc. Located in Bethesda, … Continue reading

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Spotlight on a Crabbroker Tour Participant

Someone’s terribly excited about leaving for Dutch Harbor, Alaska, today!  His name is Jasper Mirabile, Jr., he’s a chef, and he’s headed North for a great tour today!  This is part of his blog entry, you’ll have to visit his … Continue reading

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2007 Crab Season is on as of Today!

Thanks to AlaskaSteve, we know that prices are settled and the Bristol Bay King crab season is on…. Our crab guys settled on price today and started baiting up in preparation to head out – some have left already. The … Continue reading

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King Crab prices, 2007

Straight from Dutch Harbor, Alaska, the discussion for King crab prices for this season is on.  It sounds like it’s going to be good news for the fishermen this season.  From KIAL news….  After taking a beating last season, Bering … Continue reading

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