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Finding Fishing Jobs is Tricky, but can be done…

 Heads up to everyone who–thanks to ‘Deadliest Catch’–now has fishing fever!  Here’s some supporting evidence that work actually can be found in Alaska’s fishing industry, and here’s how someone did it: Daniel Pye of the Towanda News wrote a story–a … Continue reading

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Interested in becoming a crab fisherman? Please read this…

Many “Deadliest Catch” fans have posted on Deadliest Reports they they’re interested in becoming commercial fishermen or crabbers  and the response here, has always been…”It’s a tough job to get these days”.  A few of the official “Deadliest Catch” fishing vessel websites … Continue reading

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DEADLIEST CATCH: One Cold Reality Show

By Lynn Smith – Los Angeles TimesLike most people who work day and night aboard crab vessels in the Bering Sea, Doug Stanley has stories.There was the time he couldn’t get his footing on an ice-covered deck in minus 20-degree … Continue reading

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A Third Season at Sea, Preoccupied With Danger

The New York Times.  By Mike Hale The title “Deadliest Catch” can be confusing. The catch in question isn’t great whites or stingrays or even that deadliest of prey, man; it’s the Alaska king crab, which can take off a finger … Continue reading

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Vessels freed from Bering Sea ice blockade

By RACHEL D’ORO The Associated Press ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Five vessels spent at least 12 hours trapped by Bering Sea ice offshore of a remote Alaska island before forging a narrow escape through the giant floes early Thursday. The … Continue reading

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Ice Traps Five Boats

by  Wesley Loy of the Anchorage Daily News. FLOES: Thirty minutes made the difference for one crabber to reach open water. Three Bering Sea crab boats and two ships were stuck in sea ice late Wednesday, and nervous crews were … Continue reading

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