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Season 4 Fishing Vessels

These are the featured fishing vessels for season 4, along with a few statistics.  Please visit each respective website for additional stats.  (Photos are courtesy of Discovery, where you can also unearth great details about these fishing boats). The F/V … Continue reading

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Interested in becoming a crab fisherman? Please read this…

Many “Deadliest Catch” fans have posted on Deadliest Reports they they’re interested in becoming commercial fishermen or crabbers  and the response here, has always been…”It’s a tough job to get these days”.  A few of the official “Deadliest Catch” fishing vessel websites … Continue reading

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“Deadliest Catch” helps increase demand for Alaska Red King Crab

Die hard “Deadliest Catch” fans have long-time praised “Deadliest Catch” for not only entertaining audiences on a global level, but for educating, raising awareness of Alaska’s fisheries, and increasing interest in Alaska seafood as well.    It’s rewarding for us fans then, to … Continue reading

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Crab Quota: Buying or Leasing it

Discussing the crab fisheries, the IFQs (Individual Fishing Quotas), leased quota, crab prices, TAC (Total Allowable Catch), and the different Bering sea crab, can be a complex and heady experience for fans new to the show who are unfamiliar with the “inside industry” … Continue reading

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2007 Bristol Bay Red King Crab Fleet

This is the entire list of the pre-registered fishing vessels for the Bristol Bay King Crab season according to the Alaska Department of Fish & Game.  If you’re a Bering sea fishermen most will probably sound familiar and if you’re a … Continue reading

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October: National Seafood Month!

How do you like your seafood and more importantly, do you eat enough of it?   October has been  National Seafood Month for many years now.  The seafood industry contributes more than $60 billion dollars to the US economy each year and … Continue reading

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