Jake Anderson of the F/V Northwestern

As you know, Northwestern deckhand Jake Anderson’s father went missing during opilio season.  To this day he has yet to be found so for Jake and his family, the search continues this summer…

Jake Anderson and Nick Mavar of the F/V Northwestern will be attending the Anacortes Art Festival on Auguest 7 and they will be signing autographs and hanging out with fans, raising funds to continue the ongoing search for Keith Anderson, Jake’s father. Please see information below–attend if you can.

There will also be Deadliest Catch items up for silent Auction

All proceeds go toward the efforts needed to find Keith Anderson. Keith was a retired Anacortes High School Counselor and Jake Anderson’s Father.  The Anacortes Arts Festival will also be happen’n. Come on out and enjoy a fun filled Saturday!

All donations will be Greatly Appreciated!
 (Click Here for Flyer)

 Where: Market at Anacortes
(See Map)
1519 Commercial Ave
Anacortes, WA 98221

August 7st 2010
From 12:00 to 4:00 PM
Donations can also be submitted to your Local US bank
Checks can be made out and sent to
Donna Anderson
P.O. Box 874
Anacortes, WA 98221

 Thank You !!!

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10 Responses to Jake Anderson of the F/V Northwestern

  1. Monica Dufrene says:

    I’m was so sorry to hear about Jake’s father. But, May I ask a question? What happened? Did his dad have a wreck or what? My prayers are with you Jake.

  2. opilia says:

    His father disappeared.

  3. Beth says:

    My aunt lives in Anacortes and I wish I could be there to attend the arts festival…my heart goes out to Jake and will have him in my prayers to find closure to this situations with his dad. Thoughts from Nebraska……

  4. Jen says:

    Man, I keep hoping they find his dad so Jake can have some closure. Sending good thoughts to Anacortes. Wish I could be there.

  5. Lori says:

    This is so sad – I have been following the story all along and it just seems like they’ve come to an end. I pray every night that the family receives closure soon.

  6. opilia says:

    Hi Jen! Jake and Nick are doing their meet & greet tomorrow so I hope all goes well and they can continue the search…

  7. Vicki Highlander says:

    Never Give Up Jake..You are in our Prayers..

  8. Tonya Whitton says:

    Jake you are in my daily prayers and hope you find your dad and all the answers you are looking for. God Bless from the midwest!!

  9. Kathie says:

    I was glad to find this site, I had not heard any updates on Jake’s father in quite some time. I am so sorry he has not been found.
    Monica I believe he went missing and they found his car out in the woods in the area north of Seattle. Please correct if this is wrong.
    I am a Deadliest Catch fan, love the show.
    Thoughs and prayers are with the Anderson Family.

  10. RJ says:

    know its horrible thing to have happen. A parents worse nightmare is to have a child go missing not knowing when where are they cold. I know those same thoughts have to go through their minds also. I hate to think the worse he looks like a great guy. I pray this family finds peace to be able to move forward. Jake seems like a good kid who just loves his family. Whether his dad walked away, is lost, can’t remember or worse I hope some resolution for them. For the love of God and even just human compassion for this family if you know something tell someone. Write it down. Send it 4 states away. Its just unthinkable that someone might know something and not involved but doesn’t come forward. I don’t know how they could lie down at night, but you know the world seems to be so different in just 10 years. Family, neighbors, friends we all took care and took action to help now you hear people say “Its not my problem I don’t want to get involved”. I guess its a sad sad world that someone could actually live beside or have knowledge of abuse or even something like this and feel its none of their business. I suggest they make it their business, what if this was you? your dad, your daughter. You would want someone to make it their business then. Prayers are with you and in my thoughts. May you find peace to be able to move forward and may anyone involved or knows something, grow a set because this is wrong in every way. I just feel if he walked off or didn’t know who it he was, something would have surfaced. I just pray he will be found. Respectfully, RJ

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