DEADLIEST CATCH: Thom Beers answers questions

deadliest-catch-thom-beersImage Credit: Discovery Channel

Thom Beers, executive producer of ‘Deadliest Catch’ was recently interviewed by Entertainment Weekly and he seems to answer some of the questions that have come up lately.  Given how emotionally heavy the entire season was, the finale seemed to have a slightly ‘lighter’ feel and below, Beers confirms that the finale episode was ‘back to fishing’ as usual–it was a nice finish for a show that really never ends but continues from season to season.  I’ve listed a few of the questions & answers from the interview but you should make the jump to read the whole article…

What were you trying to accomplish with the season six finale?
THOM BEERS: We’re back to fishing. We had a traumatic loss this season with Capt. Phil, but I think the lesson in the last episode is that we all go on. We carry that loss with us, but we still have to go back to work. We’re swinging the focus to the other subjects in the series. Edgar’s body is wearing out and he has no place to go, but Sig is not going to give up the helm of the ship to him. The other Jake … his father is still missing.  And now the question will be, what will happen with Phil’s sons? Where will that go? There are some interesting cliffhangers.

What was the most emotional moment for you?
[Beers pauses.] Uh, I’m having one right now. [He pauses, and his voice quivers.] That moment Phil said ‘I’m sorry I wasn’t a great dad.’ That, to me, it just ripped my guts out. I saw it 19 times during edits and that was the toughest episode I ever did. It took me three different days to look through it. I couldn’t watch.

Do you feel you have to lighten up the show for its seventh season?
You make shows out of what you are given, I don’t know what’s going to happen. The first show of this year, a boat was sinking. Every year a boat goes down, every year five or six guys die. That’s the reality. This wasn’t the only heavy year. Every year is heavy. I sweat it every year, thinking I’m going to get a call hearing that my crew has gone down with a boat. It’s a nightmare.

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5 Responses to DEADLIEST CATCH: Thom Beers answers questions

  1. Daniel says:

    Like Mr. Beers I had to watch, the last 3 episodes in segments. I have no idea why I was so emotionally charged with this show, the only thing I can think of is, that the episode with Josh with Phil, I could relate to, as my mom died very unexpectantly, she was dad’s primary care giver, as dad was battling cancer. After mom’s funeral, I was BLESSED to be able to spend time with dad, just he and I. Then I had to go back to Dallas/FT. Worth, to go back to work in the horse racing industry. The time I had spent away from mom and dad, being in a industry, that is a small industry, like the fishermen, I believe it was culmination of all those variables, that was the reason that the show very taxing, and emotional for me.Thank-you for bringing this show to us.

  2. Anne says:

    I was in Seattle for the first time the week of July 19th. Took pics of the Wizard, Early Dawn and the Sea Star (chase boat). Pics did not turn out of the Sea Star which was maddening. Sea Star got me to wondering if a “After the Catch” show has ever been done with the crew of the chase boats. Could be interesting.

  3. dan reynolds says:

    this season was done with the familys inmind, very careing & giving space to the loved ones, i think was a beatiful job done by producers & staff alike.
    hats off to the production crew.
    though our hearts are heavy, the fishing industry goes on. we carry PHIL HARRIS with us in spirit as a fan.we will definitly miss him, but can remember the good times he gave us,THANK YOU PHIL.
    yes, i wounder about the boys, i have my own thoughts, (good ones). i very much wish jake the very best at his task at hand w/sobriety. have had my own demons to battle myself, not an easy task. it’ll be a long journey,one he will have to walk,not by hisself by nomeans.
    and jake anderson, can only prey for him & his father.
    look forward to next season with high hopes for every one concerned. thank you MR. TOM BEERS for your wonderful insight to this program
    sincerly dan reynolds

  4. Teresa Prado says:

    I want to say that i have never been so affected by a show, ever. I have been watching deadilest catch for 3 years and i was hooked right fro the start. I have alot of respect for the fishermen and what they do to make a living. When i watched the final episodes of phil in the hospital, it was very very emotional, and when josh was talking to his father and he broke down, that was the most beautiful thing i had the privilege of watching, a father and his son in the last moments, very moving. my thoughts and prayers go out to his sons. lots of love.

  5. Shawn Beers says:

    hi Thom i watch a lot of your reality shows and they are all awesome.But my question is your Beers family from california ? Reason i ask is because i leave in orillia ontario and we have a large Beers family here just trying to find out some history on the name. Thanks for your time. Shawn Beers.

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