Deadliest Catch – No Captain in Sight –Finale

Andy gives Johnathan the latest about a search for the next Time Bandit skipper.2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 Responses to Deadliest Catch – No Captain in Sight –Finale

  1. Linda Whitver says:

    I don’t like what they did to Mike. I am starting to not like the Time Bandit Captains

  2. Carolyn Snell says:

    Hi there my husband are big fans of Deadliest Catch and so is our five old son.I cried when Capt Phi die my dad was like him and I know what thee Harriasons Boys went through. I have one question please help us, Here in Canada we are behind in the show, When can we see the two hour special they keep promising us the death of Capt Phi the funneral etc It is so important for us to watch Please let me Know Thank you

  3. gail says:

    Linda, I agree with you. It was way not cool to do that to Mike. Mike wasn’t doing or saying anything out of the norm. It shouldn’t have been a surprise that Scotty wasn’t going to give him a fair shake and therefore, Andy and Johnathan didn’t give him a fair shake. Scotty doesn’t want the responsibility but he doesn’t want anyone else to have it either. I think he is content to “work as the Captain’s son” and nothing more. Poor Eddie is in for the same thing if he tries taking the Captain’s seat. They are not going to be happy with anybody but Scotty and he doesn’t want it, not really. I’m glad Mike went out and bought himself a salmon boat. He needs to look out for his own future. Smart move Mike. I expected better out of the Time Bandit Captains. It guess you really do have to be born into it. The old “blood is thicker than water” thing.

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