Deadliest Catch – Hansen Man to Man –Finale

Sig and Edgar have a man to man discussion about his future.2010

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to Deadliest Catch – Hansen Man to Man –Finale

  1. gail says:

    It’s a real shame that the Northwestern hasn’t been run the way The Time Bandit has with the Captain’s seat being shared. It’s probably too late now, because Edgar’s health is already suffering, probably more than we know, as is his mental state. Sig has taken advantage of Edgar and it’s shameful. You just don’t do that to family. I pray God blesses Edgar to the fullest if he has to leave the boat and it sure looks like he’s going to have to. It really shows Sig’s character, or the lack of it, to watch your brother’s health go in the toilet and never show any guilt for Edgar freezing to death out on deck and never once say, “Hey man, how about coming up here and learning to drive this thing. If anybody deserves a break you do, for sticking with me all these years.” Poor Phil WANTED his family to get off the deck and learn to be Captains. Sig knows if Edgar comes off the deck, he has to hire and PAY a replacement and he doesn’t want to “cut the pie” into anymore pieces than absolutely necessary. It’s a shame people like Edgar and Mike Fortner get crapped on for being good, hard-working decent people. Sig, you may not realize it, but American is watching how you treat your brother and we’re the same people that vote on Dancing with the Stars and purchase wild Alaskan seafood products, OR NOT!

  2. suzie says:

    Edgar, I wish you the best and I think you are doing the right thing for you.

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