DEADLIEST CATCH: Wild Bill has a new website and the Kodiak needs another deckhand!

Wild Bill is hiring and he could be looking for a guy just like you!

The skipper of the F/V Kodiak has himself a brand new website you’ll have to check out soon!  You can expect to find some of the usual interesting tidbits such as crew info., images, gear or merchandise, and fishing vessel history, but if you look a little closer and click on the ‘Contact Bill’ link,  you’ll note that Captain Bill is also looking for a new deckhand!  specifically, he’s interested in a ‘Gulf Coast’ fishermen–someone who’s been effected by the BP oil spill.  Here is his ad, and please don’t apply here–make the jump to Wild Bill’s website:

From Bill Wichrowski–

Applicants should be at least 20-21 because I want to see work history. Next I need references from prior jobs. Next is a personal photo, full body picture that shows physical size. Next is a short paragraph on how you were affected by the BP oil spill.

All this needs to be mailed to Capt Wild Bill c/o Peter Pan Seafoods PO Box 1027 Valdez Alaska 99686. All applications need to be postmarked no later than Aug 20th 2010. After the 20th nothing will be eligible. Again this is not a contest, I am looking for a crew member for the Kodiak.

Good fishing

If you don’t think you can handle the job don’t apply!

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6 Responses to DEADLIEST CATCH: Wild Bill has a new website and the Kodiak needs another deckhand!

  1. Kathryn says:

    Why not Russell??? 🙂

  2. A replacement for Clinton Bush? How about Barack Gore?

  3. popofpink says:

    I enjoy your blog and love watching the Deadliest Catch. I wrote and entrepreneurial write up on Captain Phil and I would appreciate it if you would link to it on your blog or feature it. Thank you.

  4. opilia says:

    popofpink–I like your article on Phil Harris. Great work!

  5. popofpink says:

    Thank you. That means a lot. 🙂

  6. Shawn Dowdy Harris says:

    Take your pick from the White House, after tour or two with Big Bill some of these clowns may realize, from Big Bill’s tutelage…. that they are public servants…. not the other way around.

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