Tonight’s Two-hours of DEADLIEST CATCH

Please tune in tonight for what is sure to be another gripping and emotional episode, as the other skippers and crews come to realize that Captain Phil has passed on.  After that, Discovery is treating us to a Phil Harris tribute with new and unseen footage.  You’ll want to see that!  

deadliest catch   VALHALLA
Premiering Tuesday, July 20, at 9 PM E/P
Captain Phil Harris loses his battle for life while the boats — unaware of the news — battle the biggest storm of the season. Eventually, eldest son Josh breaks the news to the fleet and reactions are intense and unforgettable.WATCH FOR:

  • High seas memorials for a fallen brother.
  • Capt. Keith shreds a deckhand.
  • No sympathy for the homesick.
  • The Kodiak battles thick fog and screw-ups.


Deadliest Catch: Captain Phil Tribute

Skipper Phil Harris died relatively young, but he packed a thousand life times of work, play and excess into his fifty-three years on earth. With never before seen footage and interviews, we take an in depth look at America’s favorite fisherman.

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5 Responses to Tonight’s Two-hours of DEADLIEST CATCH


  2. Jessica Bush says:

    Discovery has done such a good job of paying tribute to Captain Phil. It’s going to be the ending that Phil wanted. I just know it.

  3. Phyllis says:

    I want to thank Todd for being there with Phil in his final days so that we all can be with him in his last days. He was a great friend from the first time I ever meet him and I will charish that day for ever.. RIP my dear friend…

  4. Lin Ackerman says:

    I have watched Deadliest catch since it debut, I know the names of all the Fishing boats and their crews ,,,,,Phil Harris,s passing affected me greatly , I feel I am a memeber of his family, I can barely watch the show anymore, but i do, Its not the same without our Phil Godbless the family and all the Friends of the Harris Family. Good luck to his boys whom I have a lot of respect for ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  5. Michael Rideout says:

    It was a great tribute to Phil by the Discovery team.It’s amazing how close of a bond all the fisherman have there.The show will not be the same without Phil’s one
    I’m sure Phil’s passing was extremely tough on his boys.I hope Jake was able to conquer his demons and I am looking forward to seeing both Jake and Josh back on the show.
    Rest in peace Capt. Phil Harris

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