According to ‘Variety’, ratings for ‘Deadliest Catch’ this week was through the roof–no surprise.  …Here are the numbers…

If you didnt have a chance to watch this weeks episode, please remember it airs again on Thursday evenings and then during the weekend of July 23rd–the entire 6th season will air again.

USA’s “Covert Affairs” delivered 2010’s top 18-49 audience for a series premiere on ad-supported cable Tuesday, but overall it was no match for the emotional farewell to Capt. Phil Harris on Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch.”

The final regular appearance on “Deadliest Catch” of Harris, who died in February days after suffering a stroke, drew 8.5 million viewers at 9 p.m., the biggest audience on cable Tuesday and the largest for Discovery since 2000 (third all-time behind “Raising the Mammoth” and “Walking With Dinosaurs”). “Deadliest Catch” has ranked first in the 25-54 demo for 14 consecutive weeks among non-sports programs on cable.

A 10 p.m., a Capt. Phil tribute episode on sister series “After the Catch” was seen by 6.8 million and ranked second on cable Tuesday and fifth all-time for Discovery

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6 Responses to DEADLIEST CATCH ratings


  2. Micki says:

    Those stats don’t surprise me one bit! So many shows are now called “reality shows”, but you can tell things are staged. Deadliest Catch is the real REALity show. Kudos to everyone for handling Captain Phil’s death in a professional and respectful manner. Everyone connected with the show is a hero to me for taking his family, friends and fans under their wing and treating this very sad event with the great love and respect that Captain Phil deserves. I will never forget this fine captain and father, and I will think of him each year when I celebrate our mutual birthday (12-19-56).

  3. opilia says:

    What a great way to celebrate your birthday! I agree with you on ‘reality’ shows. ‘Deadliest Catch’ IS real life and every season we see that death is just as much a part of life as anything else–it just so happens that this year, everyone was personally touched beyond words.

  4. fangy says:

    i can understand why it was number one in the ratings. it is the best show on tv, or cable. i watch it every week. and when they have marathons i watch it again. i loved captain phil, and i respect josh for staying and taking care of his father the best he could. i also respect jake for going in to treatment. it is tough being an addict, and trying to get clean. but he made a promise to his father and went through with it. (i pray for both of captain phil’s sons everyday, and for captain phil). he was an amazing man, and was larger than life. i am going to miss his off the cuff sayings, he was one in a million. i wish i had gotten the opportunity to meet him in real life. but unfortunately i never got the opportunity. i hope my parents met him with a really nice greeting on the other side, since captain phil gave me some laughs, and some cries also. to me is as much a part of my family, and he is terribly missed every day. i cried when he asked josh for his crab necklace and pendant. and i pray for all of the crews of the f/v northwestern, f/v time bandit, f/v wizard, and the f/v kodiak. as soon as i can afford to make a donation to the fisherman’s memorial, i will in honor of captain phil. i also pray that josh can step up, and eventually become the captain of the f/v cornelia marie. i know jake would like to be, but until he proves he can do it. i think josh is the more responsible of the two sons, at this point. maybe they could work it out kind of like the hillstrands do theirs, one working king crab season, and the other working opelio season. i also keep jake anderson in my prayers, since he lost his dad. (because he is left with all the questions, of how, why, where, when. that can not be easy). i hope whoever becomes the captain of the cornelia marie knows that phil promised jake anderson a job if he ever needed it, and that he would always be welcome on the cornelia marie? the discovery channel or whoever taped the series when phil was ill and dying, did a really nice job, they were respectful, and did what phil asked of them. this is a thanks to them for doing a nice job, and i hope they keep up the good work. captain phil, i will miss you. thank you for being you, and i’m sure you have blessed god with your presence and great sense of humor, just keep an eye on your kids as you always did, and i hope on the other side, you can fish to your hearts content, and build more beautiful birdhouses, and get to ride the baddest harley in heaven.
    one of the deadliest catch’s biggest fans. sincerely fangy

  5. Chris says:

    How do the average episode’s ratings compare to the other shows on at the same time. I know the networks probably do better, but how to DC’s ratings compare to other cable shows? It’s my favorite show, bar none, but I’d love to know what its ratings usually look like.

  6. Chris says:

    Missed a question mark in my first sentence above. Should read: How do the average episode’s ratings compare to the other shows on at the same time?

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