Harris Clan together for last time this evening…

The LA Times posted an online article on Phil’s last moments as discussed by Josh Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand.  Two things are for sure–Josh Harris is dreading the thought of watching tonight’s episode and Josh Harris has decided that fishing is indeed in his blood.  As a matter of fact, if you had the chance last night, to catch The Tonight Show, you would have seen Josh explain to Jay Leno that he and his brother have the opportunity to buy into half of the Cornelia Marie for approximately two million dollars.  Hopefully by this fall we will know more of Jake and Josh’s fate as far as fishing goes but for now, More about Phil from the LA Times:

Phil Harris’ final moments on ‘Deadliest Catch’

The Discovery Channel series will air the last days of the sea captain’s life on Tuesday. ‘It was hard to live it, and it’ll be really hard to relive it,’ says his son Josh Harris.
Phil Harris, the salty sea captain on Discovery Channel’s top-rated “Deadliest Catch,” had prepped his sons for tragedy. Fishing the frigid Bering Sea for crabs and living a hard-charging, chain-smoking lifestyle, Harris figured he might not make it to his golden years.

What he couldn’t have anticipated, though, was that his stroke, hospitalization and eventual death from a pulmonary embolism would be captured on film. Tuesday night’s “Deadliest Catch” episode chronicles the last days of his life and his death, and its impact on his sons and shipmates, Josh and Jake, and his colleagues on the reality series.

“Death is not uncommon in our industry,” 27-year-old Josh Harris said. “He always taught us to deal with that possibility.”…

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Josh Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand. -courtesy via LA Times.

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4 Responses to Harris Clan together for last time this evening…

  1. gail says:

    I know it’s a little late to ask this question, but it has been plaguing me since Phil’s passing in February. Two years ago, when Phil had the first PE, did his doctors place a Greenfield filter or similar device to prevent these clots from traveling to his heart and brain. As a nurse, I am just curious, as I have seen these devices used many times to save countless lives. We miss seeing his smiling face and wonderful sense of humor. It almost feels like we lost a family member personally. Josh and Jake, we are so very sorry for your loss.

  2. Michelle says:

    My Mom was married to Captain Phil (they were divorced in 2006) I never knew my real father, Phil was the Best Step Father I could of asked for. We are all suffering over the loss of Phil. Hed died the day after my birthday. I would like Discovery to know that the way they handled the loss of Phil was very tastefully done. The Only thing that is hard to stomache is how far off America’s perception on Josh and Jake is. Jake is Awesome and isn’t getting enough credit, Period. And Josh, well I won’t say anything other than “if y0u ONLY knew” wow I could sure blow everyones mind. I’ll stop there. I hope Josh stops Begging for Money from the American Public to ‘buy’ the Cornelia Marie. Poor taste. But that’s Joshua for you.

  3. opilia says:

    Thanks for posting Michelle.

  4. Dragonpuff says:

    How wonderful that Michelle touts her love for her step father, Phil Harris.
    But I must say she seems to have fallen into the same angry trap that the people badmouthing Jake has fallen into. Bad mouthing Josh after the death of his parent makes you just as bad as those vilifying Jake. I’m sorry you don’t see that. And no matter what— if you are family this is not the right venue to air private matters that are between family members.

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