Josh Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand on the ‘Tonight Show’ this evening!

Johnathan Hillstrand and Josh Harris

Appearing this evening on Jay Leno’s Tonight show is Seth Myers followed by Johnathan Hillstrand and Josh Harris!  You probably wont want to miss this as tomorrow evening–as you probably already know–is a 2-hour ‘Deadliest Catch’ special followed by ‘After the Catch’, where all of us fans will have to bid a final farewell to Capt. Phil Harris. 

Please tune in tonight & tomorrow.

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5 Responses to Josh Harris and Johnathan Hillstrand on the ‘Tonight Show’ this evening!

  1. D.jay Coughlin says:

    Josh an Jake an the rest of the dutch harbor fleet my heart goes out to ya’ll for the lose of a wonderful Captin, friend, and father!!!

  2. ILLA WILKEY says:

    Miss u Phill,Josh you and Jake have had some tough roads,you are doing a great job. The stories I have read your dad would be proud very proud. The Captains and crew is part of your family they are a great bunch of guys,look to them when in doubt.I hope this isnt the last season I have enjoyed every season I feel like part of the family now,take care of one another,you are your brothers keeper.

  3. Cindi Vallejo says:

    I really miss Phil and will watch the very sad final episode. I hope Jake is doing well in his recovery and I know they both will carry on Phil’s legend…Good Luck to you and my prayers are with you!

  4. lisa darr says:

    I really love the show… have all the seasons.. I am going to cry tomorrow night

  5. Kerry P says:

    Looking forward to seeing them on the tonight show. My TV listing only shows it as a 1 hr Deadliest Catch from 9-10 pm est then a 1 hour After the Catch from 10-11 est! I have seen all the television ads for the 2 hr special but again its not listed on the DVR tv guide could you confirm the time??? Maybe I will I just “hit” record for 8-11pm est

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