July 20th: ‘Captain Phil Harris Remembered’ to air on Discovery

(Discovery originally posted June 20th as air day, but it is July 20th) 
There are several ‘Deadliest Catch’ Discovery television specials coming up in addition to the show and ‘After the Catch’, and I will post those shortly.  Next month on July 20th at 10pm eastern, please watch ‘ Deadliest Catch: Captain Phil Harris Remembered’

In this one-hour special we will celebrate Captain Phil Harris, a true American Hero. He captured our hearts, made us laugh, and taught us how to live an honest life while working the most dangerous job in the world. As part of the celebration, we will look back on some unforgettable Phil moments from

DEADLIEST CATCH and AFTER THE CATCH. New interviews from fellow captains and those closest to him will paint an intimate portrait of the man behind the television persona. We’ll also talk about his style of Captaining and what made him a legend in the fishing community. Over the course of this one-hour tribute, we’ll have our last laugh at his classic one-liners, share his fatherly frustration, watch a master crab fisherman pull his last pot and finally, we’ll say goodbye.

credit Corey Arnold

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7 Responses to July 20th: ‘Captain Phil Harris Remembered’ to air on Discovery

  1. Daniel says:

    In 2002, I was involved in a very serious car wreck, as I lied recovering, there was a show on Discovery, it was composite of the top 10 Deadliest jobs in the World. They had all fisherman lumped into 1 category this included: Crab, Lobster, Swordfish, and the Aussie Cowboys, that dive for Blue Fin Tuna, catching the tuna bare handed, then trying to beat the sharks back to the boat ( wow). People thought I was delusional because of all the medications. Then when I saw where they were going to do a show on crab fishing I knew I had to see this show. As I continue to grow interest in the show, there seemed to be a certain/ special bonding with these fishermen. They were real, in real life experiences. They weren’t afraid to show us their emotional scale.Captain was as down to earth, a real person., with wants and needs, and a real Love for his sons.Deadliest Catch is the Mother of all reality shows, the injuries, the death, the strong family unity shown not only by Phil Harris, but also the Hansens the Hillstrands,and Coburns. Thank-you, and the beautiful thing about this show is that you don’t have to text for your favorite. Daniel

  2. dory says:

    this show will so sad to watch and i ‘m huge fan of phil’s and always will be

  3. Ted Mascari says:

    We miss Phil already. He was a huge part of “Deadliest Catch” and his knowledge and character made me love the program. I pulled for him daily and wanted to see him back at the helm. If heaven has crab fishing Phil will be number 1. Rest in Peace.

  4. karen says:

    Im very glad that discovery is giving us some more Capt Phil Harris..I really love watching DC its my SUPERBOWL every week!!! Jake and Josh im very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you are going threw, where as im a fan and im hearkbroken. I hope and pray that the CorneliaMarie is back on the ocean where she belongs and I know that it will be guarded by our own special angel!!!

  5. Suzanne says:

    Thank you to DC for bringing to the audience the experience of this journey, Crab Fishing, Captains,
    crews and their lives. Captain Phil was my favorite and I was so saddened to learn of his death. He was a real man’s man, a loving father, a good friend. You could always see that tender good side of him. As a fan fo DC , I am so happy that Captain Phil and his family along with the Discovery Channel wanted us to see it to the end. I’ve read some articles saying “is this necessary” or sensationalism for ratings. I am of the opinion that we who cared so much for him, need to see it through to the end with him, Josh and Jake. I know in my mind that he is gone but heart my needs to catch up, and I think watching the ending episode will help to do that and give us some kind of closure. I’ll never forget him and hope DC never will either. I thank all the Captains of DC for sharing their adventures and lives with us.

  6. Jean Blackburn says:

    I too will miss Captain Phil, I too think watching the last episodes will be closure for his fans. Not because of curiosity but because we all cared about him and his family.

  7. I am setting my DVR for this show. I can not miss it. It is still hard for me to believe he is gone. Captain Phil will be missed by millions.

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