‘After the Catch’ to premiere on June 15th

Sunday June 13th kicks off Discovery’s 25th Anniversary week–a week where the Discovery channel will air all sorts of interesting specials and favorites and  ‘After the Catch’  just happens to be one of them!

 Premieres Tuesdays at 10 PM Beginning June 15th
 It’s an all-new season of
AFTER THE CATCH, where America’s favorite crab fishing captains and their crew come together on land to share their stories of excitement and danger on the Bering Sea. This time, they meet up in the “The Big Easy” – New Orleans. They’ll catch some Cajun cooking, cool jazz, and French Quarter culture, and join with the city of New Orleans to say a final farewell to one of their own.

'After the Catch', season III, from 2009

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6 Responses to ‘After the Catch’ to premiere on June 15th

  1. Lori says:

    I can’t wait – DVR set as I will be on vacation (a cruise) for the first show. Something to look forward to when I come home.

  2. Rompe says:

    I LOVE “After the Catch”, but it just will not be the same without Capt. Phil there. I can not wait to hear the stories that are going to be told from the other Capts. that attend about him. If I was a crier, I think that this would be a huge tear jerker. I know it is going to reach inside.

    R.I.P Capt. Phil…You will never be forgotten!

  3. R. Tanck says:

    Anyone know why Mike Rowe isn’t doing these shows anymore?

  4. Fishing Phil says:

    Looking forward to the new season – I am sure it will continue to be great.

  5. opilia says:

    Mike Rowe is once again hosting ‘After the Catch’, so we’ll be seeing more of him soon 🙂

  6. Angie says:

    Wouldn’t miss it for anything. 🙂

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