DEADLIEST CATCH: There’s a new skipper in town….

Yes, there’s a new skipper in town and we want to know, how wild is ‘Wild’ Bill Wichrowski!

Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called Bill Wichrowski for an interview recently as Capt. Bill just happens to hail from Pittsburgh, PA.  According to ‘Wild’ Bill, Original Productions wanted to call him ‘Wild’, after hearing stories of how this skipper would often stay up for several days at a time during crab season.  But apparently this skipper was tagged as ‘Wild’ Bill long before that.  He was supposed to enroll in Business School after his high school graduation but since he wrecked his dad’s brand new car that night in a local cemetery, he joined the Navy and headed to the west coast!

Since his early adult years, he has supervised a shipyard, fished the Bering sea for many seasons, ran a sportfishing tour near Mexico, and now has come back to the Bering sea in search of ‘red gold’, once again.

According to Discovery, “…The newest boat in the Deadliest Catch fleet, Kodiak is more like an old school gunslinger returning to town to lay down a claim. Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski has spent most of his life resisting pressure from fish and game officials, regulators, and political types who never seem to give up trying to “civilize” Dutc…h harbor, its crab fleet and Bering Sea fishing. At the Kodiak’s helm is a man with deep “old school” roots who’s always done things his own way but now must find a way to get back into a newer, more corporate industry”

But now before anyone starts thinking ‘Wild’ Bill is just wild and doesn’t pack a punch, think again.  This is a skipper who has a long long history as a naval engineer and boat electrician therefore, he don’t just shoot blanks, his guns are loaded with the real deal!

And why did he come back to the Bering sea?  ‘Wild’ Bill has goals as well as a bucket list–his growing notoriety as a Bering sea captain will serve him well when he goes back into the sportfishing business and eventually he would like to fish every ocean on the planet–Australia, New Zealand, Africa…

Read the article  or check out the skipper’s  Facebook page

Capt. Bill (image via facebook, courtesy Capt Bill)

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5 Responses to DEADLIEST CATCH: There’s a new skipper in town….

  1. Bobbi Finch says:

    He can rope me in any time! Watch out Bering Sea! Yee-ha!!! Ride ’em cowboy!!!

  2. CathyB says:

    Try this website for more recent pictures and updates–

  3. opilia says:

    Cathy–that facebook page is set to private but I see there’s plenty info on his ‘wall’.

  4. Aquamaid says:

    He actually has three Facebook pages, and his son, Zack Larson has one, too.

    Wild Bill’s Fan Page:!/pages/Wild-Bill-Wichrowski/115520248466281?ref=ts

    News on Wild Bill:!/group.php?gid=113221068701221&ref=ts

    Zack Larson’s Fan Page:!/pages/Zack-Larson/114334198579277?ref=ts

    I think that all of these are open to the public, as they are not private/personal FB pages.

  5. opilia says:

    Fantastic Aquamaid! …One is plenty but three is totally awesome!

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