What ‘artistic’ Deadliest Catch fans can do…

Isn’t it amazing what creative ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans are capable of doing?  Super fan Gail Kapusnick  has been working on creating tributes to some of her favorite fishermen and fishing vessels and here are a couple of her first ones.  Deadliest Reports may have to create a ‘special section’ just for fan artwork.  If you like, let us know.  We want to see more from Gail, right? (Click to view the full effect!)

Tribute to Capt. Phil Harris/Cornelia Marie

Capt. 'Wild' Bill, Russel Newberry/F/V Kodiak

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3 Responses to What ‘artistic’ Deadliest Catch fans can do…

  1. ChileGirl says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!

  2. DONNA says:

    I love you guys.I started watching last season cuz I just happen to be flippin’ through channels when I came upon Deadliest Catch & caught my attention.I think it was because I’ve always known it was a dangerous job but not to the extent it is,WOW!!! I have so much love & respect for each & every man that risk their lives on any job.It takes a tough & rugged & special kinda man to hang in there like many of them do.YA’LL GOT MY VOTE SO THAT MEAN I’LL BE WATCHING EVERY SINGLE WEEK .My prayers go out to the fellas still on the job and my condolences to Captain Harris’s family.GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  3. Phyllis says:

    Gail you did an awesome job with both Phil & Bill.. Great Job

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