The Hillstrands on the new season… interviewed the Hillstrands earlier and managed to get some interesting new stories out of them.  They’ve also featured a couple of video clips, one of which is a lesson in crab cracking by Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand!…


Johnathan and Andy Hillstrand. (Image courtesy Ben Trivett).

On Phil Harris

Jonathan: It’s one of our best seasons, and one of our worst. We lose a really good friend this year. I spent 10 days in the hospital with Phil. We’ve known Phil for 30 years… It was a huge loss for the fleet. I promised Phil I’d take care of his kids. At least I got to say goodbye to Phil, tell him I loved him.

Andy: Even though he’s only five or six years older than us, it’s like we lost our dad.

On Saving an Overboard Fisherman on Television
Andy: The adrenaline still runs through my blood. I was literally 20 feet away from him when we pulled up to him and he’s going, ‘Don’t let me die, don’t let me die!’ I go, ‘You’re not gonna die!’ We were pumped up for two days after we did it.

On the New Season
Jonathan: There’s no do-overs, there’s no lines. This is ‘Deadliest Catch.’ I watched the first episode and the hair was standing on my neck. Andy: We took a wave that filled up our deck for 20 seconds.

On a Disastrous Trip to England
Jonathan Insults the Queen: I corrected her grammar. She says “sheduled” but it’s “scheduled.” And everyone says “sheduled” because the Queen says “sheduled.” But she had a few pain pills at night (said very jokingly). I love the Queen. God bless the Queen.

Andy Insults Tea Drinkers: They said, ‘What’s the girliest thing you’ve ever done?’ I said, ‘I drank tea.’ … We don’t know why we weren’t invited back. It was 5:30 in the morning and I just said tea.

On Retirement Plans
Andy: Fishing with the brother for marlin. I haven’t caught a marlin, sailfish… I want to catch every billed fish.

Jonathan: Scott is our last chance for blood to run the boat, so if he doesn’t want to step up, we just have to find that guy that wants to be on that boat and says, ‘Hey, I love it on here.’

Link for entire interview and videos

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5 Responses to The Hillstrands on the new season…

  1. LeeInOceanside says:

    What awesome heroes for our kids today!!!!

  2. Tina Martin says:

    To the family and friends of Phil: My prayers go out to all of you and I hope that the memories you have of Phil engorge your hearts with joy .Death is always out of seaseo and this season was no exception. May God bless all of you and give you closer and piece of mind knowing that he is no longer suffering . You now have a good man watching over you ,think of him as your guardian angel . PEACE BE WITH YOU ALL

    Your Dedicated Fan

  3. Katie Hunter says:

    I love the Hillstrands! So real and normal! Andy is sooo likeable!

  4. shawn harris dowdy says:

    Capt Johnathan,
    As one who abhors thoughtless violence, I want you to know my whole family stood and cheered when Capt Cull (keith) hit the deck on the floor of the rusted out old wreck the Captain’s met at.
    It was time for that arrogant pile of white trash to be reminded that he is only human….. and some crap we answer to in this life, because it can’t wait for the next…. and his crap had gotten so deep it needlessly endangered the lives of his crew, and those who may have been sent to rescue him. As an old flatbed trucker I knew that if the ice tarp was to be put in place because he so greedily loaded his empty pots so high, port was the only safe place to put it up… not out at sea….. and I’m not young enough or strong enough anymore to be a deckhand…. but even a tired old trucker knew better than the stunt he pulled…. good comment about him killing his brother…. as he almost accomplished that.
    While so many are awaiting obama’s free money… to see you guys do what you do to earn the respect, and income you do… it awakens the pride I have in sharing one thing with you… I too am first proud to be an American, and second my love for the sea, and the heritage of our seaman who do whatever it takes to be a proud hardworking American…. that don’t back down!!!!!
    God bless and keep you safe in your endeavors…. only one of millions of viewers, but a huge fan of the Time Bandit

  5. Shasha says:

    I enjoy Deadliest Catch very much. I will miss seeing Phil Harris.

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