DEADLIEST CATCH: Season 6 Fishing vessels

These are the season 6 fishing boats and they’re all looking mighty sharp!  (All images courtesy of Discovery).


113 ft. long/Carries 137 pots/holds 120,000 lbs of King crab/built in 1991


Fishing Vessel Timebandit coming through the spray


128 ft long/carries 180 pots/holds 312,000 lbs of King crab/built 1989


Fishing Vessel Cornelia Marie, King crab season


155 ft long/carries 250 pots/holds 400,000 lbs of King crab/built 1945


Fishing Vessel Wizard–King crab season


127 ft long/carries 250 pots/holds 251,000 lbs of King crab/built 1977


F/V Northwestern–starboard and bow


111 ft. long/Carries 140 pots/holds 210,000 lbs King crab/built 1978


F/V Kodiak out at sea during King crab season


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3 Responses to DEADLIEST CATCH: Season 6 Fishing vessels

  1. Kat S. says:

    FYI Your blog rocks! Keep up the great work! 24 more hours until season 6!! Woo Hoo!!

  2. CathyB says:

    Thank you for the pictures! It looks like the smaller Kodiak will have to work hard to keep up…

  3. opilia says:

    I think you’re right CathyB, and I can’t wait to see them at it@

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