DEADLIEST CATCH: Season 6 crews

 ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans–meet the season 6 King crab crews!  Most faces will look very familiar, some are brand new–for sure all are interesting!  Skipper Wild Bill doesn’t look like he will disappoint!  Discovery has individual albums dedicated to each boat & crew with many images and biographies for all fishermen!  Check them out!  (Images below courtesy Discovery).

Cornelia Marie crew season 6

 CORNELIA MARIE – 2009 King Crab Season: Captain Phil Harris (center) and his crew (l. to r.) Greenhorn Ryan Simpson, Engineer Steve Ward, Deckhand Jake Harris, Deckhand Josh Harris and Deckhand Freddy Maugatai.

Northwestern crew season 6

 Northwestern crew, from left to right: Jake Anderson, Matt Bradley, Edgar Hansen, Captain Sig Hansen, Norm Hansen, Nick Mavar, Jr.

TimeBandit crew season 6

 TIME BANDIT – 2009 King Crab Season: Captains Johnathan (left) and Andy Hillstrand and their crew on deck including (l. to r.) Deckhand John "JJ" Jorgensen, Deckhand Mike Fourtner, Deckhand Eddie Uwekoolani, Deckhand Scott Hillstrand and Deckhand Neal Hillstrand

Wizard crew season 6

 WIZARD – 2009 King Crab Season: Wizard Captain Keith Colburn (center) and his crew (l. to r.) Deckhand Lynn Guitard, Deckhand Travis Lofland, Relief Captain Monte Colburn, Engineer Lenny Lekanoff, First Mate Gary Soper and Greenhorn Joel Ziele

Kodiak crew season 6

KODIAK – 2009 King Crab Season: Kodiak Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski (right) and his crew (l. to r.) Deckhand Zach Larson, Deckhand Rodrigo Castillo, Deckhand Melvin Koso, Deckhand/Engineer Adam McCalden and Deckhand Derrik Santy.

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6 Responses to DEADLIEST CATCH: Season 6 crews

  1. Lothian says:

    I am bummed to see no Crosby on the Wizard. He was always nice to look at. ; ) Anyone know what happened?

  2. Possum says:

    I noticed a lack of Crosby,too….sigh,he sho’ was easy on the eyes!
    Wonder if that ties in to the ‘crew poaching’ clip on the Discovery site.

  3. opilia says:

    I noticed when I read Lenny’s bio on Discovery, that they mentioned Keith called Lenny back in due to crew injuries. Maybe Crosby was injured?

  4. MiddlesexMariner says:

    More importantly… how does Travis manage to cope without CLeV … !”wink..!”

  5. maggie triner says:

    What ever happened to Murray with Capt. Phils crew?

  6. Mary says:

    Murray retired in just before Phil left for King Crab in 2009. Also Crosby wasn’t the one of the few that got injured (Monte and Lynn and
    Gary were injured when the wave hit them while putting a cover on top of the stack. I am also wondering what happened to Crosby, he was easy on the eyes and a great worker for the Wizard.

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