2nd Annual CATCHCON…

If you havent registered for CatchCon but you want to meet your favorite fishermen, get ‘Deadliest Catch’ goodies, see the boats, then you must get on the waiting list at this point.  Registration for the event has filled up…


Captains from Discovery Channel’s Hit Show DEADLIEST CATCH Dock in Seattle for the Ultimate Fan Fest Saturday, May 1

 To register go to: discovery.com/catchcon

(Silver Spring, MD) ?- Discovery Channel’s DEADLIEST CATCH Captains Sig Hansen, Johnathan & Andy Hillstrand and Keith Colburn drop anchor in downtown Seattle for the second annual CatchCon – Saturday, May 1, 2010 at Bell Harbor Conference Center from 12noon – 6pm. Fans will have the chance to meet the Captains, tour the actual boats that brave the frigid Bering Sea, shop for exclusive items in the CatchCon store and check out exclusive scenes from the sixth season of the hit series. DEADLIEST CATCH season six premieres Tuesday, April 13, 2010, 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery Channel.

DEADLIEST CATCH has become more than just a show – it’s a kind of extended family for fans worldwide.  Over the years, in both times of joy and sorrow, the captains, crew and our fans have bonded.  CatchCon celebrates this intense and special connection with the ultimate Catch experience,” said Clark Bunting, president and general manager of Discovery Channel.

DEADLIEST CATCH is produced for Discovery Channel by Original Productions.  Thom Beers and Jeff Conroy are executive producers, Matt Renner is series producer and Lisa Tanzer is supervising producer.  For Discovery Channel, Paul Gasek and Tracy Rudolph are executive producers.

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8 Responses to 2nd Annual CATCHCON…

  1. Pinkcrab says:

    As of April 2, 2010, registration is now closed. You can still register and they will put you on a waiting list. This year the event was filled in a matter of a few hours. Plus there were some glitches with the website. Maybe next year, they can move it to a bigger building.

  2. Pinkcrab says:

    Also FYI:

    “A special public memorial service for Captain Phil Harris will be held the evening prior to CatchCon in Seattle on Friday, April 30. Check the CatchCon main page or news from the Deadliest Crew fansite for more information and details.”

  3. opilia says:

    Yes, that’s true, it’s filled up with names being taken for a waiting list…

  4. Lori says:

    I am so upset. I have been on vacation and just got back. I so wanted to go this year.

  5. opilia says:

    Lori-Do make sure to get on the waiting list. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some cancellations…

  6. Got Crabs? says:

    Think about just showing up. I did last year 😉 Didnt even know about it until I saw it on the news at 730am.

  7. dawn says:

    Maybe next year they can hit the Midwest so that I can go. No way could I get to Seattle, Come on guys, be Chicago bound, y’all can stay at my house!

  8. Nate says:

    There were indeed a thousand people there on Saturday. By about 4pm though the front doors were open to everyone, i guess they managed to fit everyone who had tickets and the guest list in. They still had plenty of passes when I headed out around 4:30 and the autograph booths hadn’t even started.

    Here’s some photos for those that missed the event.

    Sig signing.

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