Captain Phil Harris–Dreamboat

This Phil Harris tribute is a special one…

In season 2, we met up with the Cornelia Marie and it’s captain, Phil Harris and not long after that, a group of ladies came together at a certain site that was created as a tribute to their favorite skipper.  They were very dedicated and over time became close friends with him.  This youtube clip was created for Phil and by all accounts, he was thrilled and amazed that someone would take the time to do this for him.  Never mind that the images are screencaps and maybe not so perfect, what is important is that it has meaning.  (Hopefully they won’t mind us sharing a little bit of their history…)

As written by the tribute creator: “This video was the beginning of mine and Captain Phil Harris’s friendship. I created this video for his fans, never thinking he would see it. Well, he did see it and being the kind and generous man he is, he called me on my birthday which was just a month or so after the creation of this video. After that one call, we became instant friends. Phil…you’ll always be my “sugar-booger” and I will miss you terribly. Prayers to Grant, Josh, and Jake. Hang tough guys. The world loves you!”

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4 Responses to Captain Phil Harris–Dreamboat

  1. Lori says:

    That is absolutely wonderful – brought tears to my eyes. Can we find out who does that song – I would love to download it on my ipod. That is such a wonderful thing for someone to take the time to put that together – not only for them and the fan, but most importantly – Phil’s family. He will surely missed and I truly regret not getting to met the man.

  2. ChileGirl says:

    Beautiful!! The thing I noticed the most about the video, Phil looked so healthy! The second thing I noticed is how much he was smiling. All too many of the pics on the Discovery sites show an unsmiling almost dour Phil, but the man had a great grin and a wonderful laugh to go with his wicked sense of humor. Many of us out here, although we never met Phil Harris, feel that he was a member of our extended family and will miss him for a long, long time. Thanks to the girls who put “Dreamboat” together.

  3. opilia says:

    Lori–The song is Only When I Sleep, by The Corrs.

  4. Lori says:

    Thanks Pat

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