Deadliest Catch: Best of Season 5 airtimes

The new season of ‘Deadliest Catch’ begins April 13th, 9pm eastern, but Discovery just posted the dates and times for the ‘Best of season 5’, which is a must watch for all ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans.  You can ‘catch’ that special on Sunday, April 4th and 11th at 10pm eastern!  Cheers to you!

In the meantime, keep an eye out for brand spanking new previews of season 6, tonight, on Discovery’s premiere of it’s new 11-part series ‘Life’!

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2 Responses to Deadliest Catch: Best of Season 5 airtimes

  1. Ted Perpinka says:

    A very fond fairwell to captain Phill Harris I will miss his never ending devotion to his sons and love of his profession! I truly wish I could share in a toast with the rest of the crews and family of one of my favorite captains! Fairwell and God speed may you have good fishing!

  2. Paul Darling says:

    My God Bless & keep Capt. Phil as we keep him alive in our memories.
    And my God watch over Josh & Jake & may they keep there father alive through there fond memories of there father as the rest of the world well keep Capt. Phil’s memory alive in all of us.
    CAPT> Phil, may you have fair winds & calm sea’s in your journey’s with God.
    Lonewolf on The Rhonda E.

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