Discovery’s Tribute to Phil Harris

Captain, Father, Friend… We’ll miss you skipper. Safe passage.Phil Harris (1956-2010).  The Discovery youtube channel is dedicated to Phil Harris for the rest of this month.  Please visit it for many more videos of Phil.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to Discovery’s Tribute to Phil Harris

  1. Chris says:

    To ‘console’ is…
    to comfort, to soothe, to provide solace, or allay sorrow or grief.

    But when it comes to Phil Harris, he loved his boys. This was seen on the episode The Deadliest Catch. Phil passed away doing what he loved the most, crab fishing. His memory will live on.

    Jake and Josh your father made great men and fishermen out of you both, continue your fathers legacy.

    God Bless you both,


  2. John Whitaker says:

    Josh and Jake,
    Phil and I was, at one time, related by marriage. We married sisters. That would make me something of a “past uncle” to you both, I suppose.

    The comfort I would give you in your grief is in the fact that death is like sleep and the promised resurrection awakens those who are asleep in the “sleep of death.” We don’t fear going to sleep because we know we’ll wake up in the morning. If, then, death is like sleep and we will be awakened from it, death is nothing to fear for those who have died. We will miss them terribly but we do not fear FOR them during this “sleep.” The agony of death is for those of us who loved them dearly and must remain alive without them.

    Grieve for Phil and love him, knowing he loved you! He did for you what he felt was best, so, let those happy memories be remembered and cherish those moments in your heart. This is my wish for you!


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