PINK SLIP-‘Deadliest Catch’ Preview 07/21/09

It’s the end of the Opilio season for the Time Bandit, and Captains Andy and John have to let someone go. Who’s it going to be?
2009, season 5

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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2 Responses to PINK SLIP-‘Deadliest Catch’ Preview 07/21/09

  1. I was very glad to see Russel Newberry picked up by Capt. Kieth on the Wizard. Sometimes working on the same team too long can cause complacency and that can kill on the Bearing Sea. Hopefully Russel will be re-invigorated with a new crew to work with. At least Capt. John had the decency to get Russel a new job, it’s the least he could do considering that Russel once saved his life.

    The Crabinator

  2. ann says:

    Russel Newberry seems to be a great guy. Giving of his time this past weekend at Sandusky for cancer research. Hopefully somebody signs him up for this season…

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