Tonight on ‘Deadliest Catch’–ENDS OF EARTH–07/07/09

‘Deadliest Catch’–Episode 13:
When the fleet gets word of great fishing by the ice pack, the chase is on to the ends of the earth! Hellacious hours and missing pots-a journey to the far north will push these men over the edge.

‘After the Catch’–episode 4:
This episode begins with Sig reliving his terrifying ice bash into St. Paul harbor to deliver his crab. Keith talks about a different kind of risky move — setting his pots inside Phil’s grounds. A heated debate about ocean territory follows. The captains’ wives come to the table to reveal secrets and little known facts about their husbands, and discuss what it’s like to be the wife of a fisherman. And, Keith steps up to the kitchen to prepare his favorite crab recipe. July 7, 2009

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1 Response to Tonight on ‘Deadliest Catch’–ENDS OF EARTH–07/07/09

  1. SPG says:

    Good Post, i love this show.
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