F/V Maverick to be at the Pacific Commerical Fishermen’s Festival!

The Pacific Commerical Fishermen’s Festival in Astoria, Oregon, takes place September 19th & 20th and if you’re a traveling ‘Deadliest Catch’ fan, this is a must stop for you!  Make sure to check out all the details at www.PacificFishermenFestival.com 

F/V Maverick (image--Discovery)

F/V Maverick (image--Discovery)

Not only will Rick and Donna Quashnick be there, but their beloved F/V Maverick will be home and docked at the local pier for the first time in three years!  Again, you may want to keep track of the event on the festival website as additional details may be in the works.

Would you like to see the Coast Guard in action?   ….Like to listen to some fishermen talking from the heart about fishing?  …Like to watch or take part in activities and competitions?  Well then you won’t want to miss out on this one!  By the way, did you know that Astoria, Oregon is the the third largest fish-producing port in North America?

And what do the Festival organizers have to say about ‘Deadliest Catch’ Fans?

…”We would love to see “Deadliest Catch” fans at the Pacific Commercial Fishermen’s Festival this year — there are competitions, commercial fishing displays and demonstrations, Coast Guard helicopter rescue demonstration, food, beer, booths and more.”

…It’s official–we’re all invited!

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