F/V Incentive coming soon!

The Kodiak Daily Mirror reports in an article titled: Kodiak boat pushed back a week on Deadliest Catch.  So it sounds like we’ll be meeting another new crew and boat next week!

The all-Kodiak crew of the Incentive, recently filmed for the fifth season of the Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch,” is set to make its first appearance Tuesday, June 9. The original debut of the Incentive and crew — Capt. Harry Lewis and crewmembers Larry Ryser, Doug Dawson, Larry Gunderson, Dominic Costello, Jimmy Johnson and Nuni Canete — was today, but Ryser said Monday that producers recently told him their television debut was pushed back a week.

The Incentive went after opilio crab with a goal of catching 800,000 pounds, leaving Kodiak on Jan. 1. The experienced crew, all of whom have strong Kodiak ties, are crab-catching “hall of famers” Lewis told the Kodiak Daily Mirror in January.

“This boat is the most 100 percent Kodiak-authentic on the show yet,” said Lewis. “I got some real characters on my crew, Kodiak boys. I think they could make Kodiak proud.”

Lewis said he expects lots of highs and lows but not too much drama to appear in the shows. He said during hot fishing spots, the crew yelled “shoomama” when bringing up full crab pots and “jujubob” for empty ones.


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One Response to F/V Incentive coming soon!

  1. Shawn Dowdy Harris says:

    We look forward to the return of Capt Lewis on Tuesday nights…. reality is drama enough.

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