Music: The Breakers on ‘Deadliest Catch

There’s always alot of questions asked about the music featured in ‘Deadliest Catch’ so to start catching up with what we’ve heard in season 5 so far, this is a youtube clip of The Breakers’ song ‘Miles Away’.  You can also click on the lick and listen to a clearer version on their website!

St. Louis based band The Breakers song “Miles Away” featured on the Discovery Channels hit show The Deadliest Catch. This is just the clip of the show in which the song was featured. To download the entire show check itunes for Season 5 Episode 3 entitled “Stay Focused or Die”. For links to download the song go to This is the album page for The Breakers most recent release entitled “Songs For Young Executives”. “Miles Away” is track 10. for more info on The Breakers goto
The Breakers are: Doug Byrkit – vocals,guitar,bass Brian Zielie – drums Pat Haydon – guitar Zeb Briskovich – bass

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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