Tonight on ‘Deadliest Catch’–DEADLINE

Episode 6–May 19th   DEADLINE

A new deadline is set: an upcoming drop in the price of king crab has the skippers rushing to finish their season. But crew battles and a fierce arctic storm block the way. The Wizard and the Time Bandit survive savage weather to haul in gold, while on the Cornelia Marie, relief skipper Murray proves that not everyone is cut out to find the crab. On the Northwestern, greenhorn Jake rages at his mentor, Edgar, and on the tiny Lisa Marie, poor crab and bullying drive a deckhand to the brink.

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One Response to Tonight on ‘Deadliest Catch’–DEADLINE

  1. these guys are gods!other than being cops,soldiers,or firemen,these guys have the world’s toughest and most strenuious hat is offf to you gents,and my prayers are with you!

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