F/V Sea Star from ‘Deadliest Catch’ is Open for Business!

As many of you from the Seattle area already know, the F/V Sea Star–which was featured in season 1 as well as ‘Deadliest Season’ has been a favorite attraction for ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans from all over!  This summer, the Sea Star and her crew are amping things up a bit by re-designing the Sea Star website, bringing in some brand new merchandise, and occasionally rounding up a ‘Deadliest Catch’ skipper to make an appearance onboard, like for example–Tomorrow!!  So  HEADS UP SEATTLE FANS–Phil Harris will be onboard the Sea Star at Fishermens Terminal TOMORROW 05/20/09  from 10am to noon!  Get down there if you can! 

Located on “Dock 9″, at Fishermen’s Terminal in Seattle, guests are invited to journey through one of the vessels that was first featured in the pilot show ‘Deadliest Season” and “The Deadliest Catch Documentary Series”. A number of fishermen of the television series are your guides, store keepers and owners/operators of this one of a kind tour operation. Guests will learn the life of the crew, where they sleep, eat a meal, the work deck, perhaps even get a chance to “throw the hook” as deck hands do when retrieving a crab pot. LCD Screens are set up in key areas of the boat with Captains Larry Hendricks (FV Sea Star) and Capt. Sig Hansen (FV Northwestern) on DVD pointing out many interest’s of the boat and to add to the excitement of the tour and its operation. Many of your favorite fisherman often stop by to say hi and autograph pictures and souvenirs throughout the tour season. See our website “seastartours.com”


The tour and store are open seven days a week now through September 2009. Open Monday through Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am-6pm. Admission is $10 Adult and Children are $7.50. Seniors, Military Discounts and Group rates are available.

Free parking is available in various marked areas of Fishermen’s Terminal..

The Fishermen’s Terminal is actually the home port and boat works for many vessels of the DC Fleet. This becomes a natural setting therefore to see other boats that might be in port for the off season or for repairs.



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