Deadliest Catch season 5 preview–On the Northwestern

As usual, tensions flare on the crew of the Northwestern as the Greenhorn gets worked up about his role on the boat.
The Northwestern is 200 miles NE of Dutch Harbor. Sig Hansen is tired and deckhand Jake has had it…(2009)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One Response to Deadliest Catch season 5 preview–On the Northwestern

  1. Doc says:

    Edgar and Sig, Will you please go down and give that blown up head of a butt head greenhorn JAKE a biggggggg dose of reality…….HE DID THROW THE KING CRAB ACROSS THE LENGTH OF THE TABLE. HE DOES NOT KNOW EVERYTHING AND IF HE WANT TO LIVE TO GET HOME IN ONE PEACE…SHUT UP AND FISH….HE IS NOT THE EXPERT AND I HATE TO BUST THAT PUNKS BUBBLE….SIG please give him a dose of shut and grow up…He just has no idea how much his life and job are in the hands of EVERYONE on that deck. Jakes has done such a 180 from last season. Are you sure HE is not on drugs or toasted from caffine..Kids his age that do 180’s are tested for drugs and Bi-Polar. If he talkes to ANY of the old timers and deck boss Edgar. I would give him a serious dunking at the dock. If he were on my boat and in the pacific….He would have been dunked the first season with the first fight….NO ONE in any season has ever thrown a punch till he came along…How do like that record PUNK Jake….I’m just so disapointed in you Jake… Did a family memeber die or what??? Your 180 sucks. If you get anyone on Edgars boat fired you better get a face job. GROW UP. You have no idea how close you are from NEVER touching a King Crab again. I’m sorry Sig, Edgar…I’m just shocked at the 180 in him…..If he has been doing more caffine and smokes that could be it. There has to be a better reason that just being a cry baby. Jake, go call home and blow off steam…but not at the people who’s life and job are in there hands. You are still the bottom rung on the ladder and will be the greenhorn untill another greenhorn comes on or you get 10 years on deck… and STILL Edgar is the boss…he OWNES 1/2. YOU OWN NOTHING

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