Steven Spielberg’s Favorite t.v. show? …’Deadliest Catch’ of course!

Is there anyone in the world who’s seen a movie or watched tv, who doesn’t know who Steven Spielberg is? 
….I didn’t think so, so I’ll spare all of us from reading the mega-list of awards won and films directed/produced by this icon who was once voted as the most important person of his generation.

Earlier this week, Steven Spielberg was interviewed by Boston University as he’ll be receiving an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at their Commencement later this month.

During the interview Spielberg was asked to discuss television, specifically what he likes to watch, and this is what he said:

You started in television. Do you think TV is still a good training ground for filmmakers?
TV is a good training ground. I think the best writing today is being done for television, with some exceptions in the motion picture side of things.

Any particular shows you’d point to?
Anything David Kelley (LAW’83) touches. Aaron Sorkin’s years on The West Wing. This was Paddy Chayefsky–level writing. I love watching cable movies. I love watching network series that are well written. I always watch Mad Men. I watch the new show Southland that John Wells does, which I think is genius. The other thing is I watch a lot of reality television. It’s a guilty pleasure. My favorite show on the air right now is Deadliest Catch.

Do you ever see anything on those shows you’d incorporate into your own approach or thought process?
The only thought process I have when I’m watching Deadliest Catch is I hope I’m never caught at sea in a storm.

Read the interview

How exciting is that?  …I mean really–Steven Spielberg watches ‘Deadliest Catch’!?!  All of us ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans are really in good company, aren’t we?

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  1. That’s awesome!!!!!

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