Spike Walker out and about in Oregon next month!

 For all ‘Deadliest Catch’ fans in the Oregon area–Heads Up!  Spike Walker will be at the Newport Visual Arts Center at 777 NW Beach Drive, Newport Oregon on June 20th at 7pm pacific time!  His reading is sure to be spellbinding as this well known author was a Bering sea crabber for a number of years and his best know work–“Working on the Edge”–is considered to be the Bible of king crab fishing history!

backalive135x208Coming Back Alive: When the fishing vessel La Conte sinks suddenly at night in one-hundred-mile-per-hour winds and record ninety-foot seas during a savage storm in January 1998, her five crewmen are left to drift without a life raft in the freezing Alaskan waters and survive as best they can… A fisherman’s worst nightmare has become a Coast Guard crew’s desperate mission.


Other publications by SPIKE WALKER include…

  • Working on the Edge: Surviving in the World’s Most Dangerous Profession – King Crab Fishing on Alaska’s High Seas
  • Nights of Ice: True Stories of Disaster and Survival on Alaska’s High Seas
  • Alaska: Tales of Adventure from the Last Frontier and Coming Back Alive




Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern with write Spike Walker

Sig Hansen of the F/V Northwestern with writer Spike Walker




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2 Responses to Spike Walker out and about in Oregon next month!

  1. Steveanonymus2 says:

    I am a newport resident and a big time deadliest catch fan (I know the painters and their boat’s the trailblazer and kiska sea) as well as a few of the people on DC. I will be at this reading with bells on. Seems like a good present for my 30th bday

  2. Lothian says:

    I LOVE Spike Walker. Ok, I officially need to move to the coast. These guys never make it to Ohio. ;(

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