Capt. Phil Harris to visit Albany

Phil Harris (image courtesy of Discovery)

Phil Harris (image courtesy of Discovery)

WOW!  Lucky fans who attend the gathering at Ray’s Food Place will get to sit back and catch an early viewing of the next eppy of ‘Deadliest Catch’ in a theater!  Lucky Oregonians!

Captain Phil Harris, who gained fame as the skipper of the F/V Cornelia Maria featured on the television show “The Deadliest Catch,” will be in Albany Tuesday. Harris will appear at Ray’s Food Place, 621 Hickory St. N.W., in the North Albany Village from 4 to 7 p.m. to sign autographs and promote his Captain’s Reserve Coffee.

Following that, Harris will host a viewing of “The Deadliest Catch” for selected fans at the Venetian Theater, 241 First Ave. S.W.

Fans wishing to attend the screening at the Venetian must attend the appearance at Ray’s and fill out an entry form. Drawings will be held to select the fans to join Harris for the viewing at the Venetian.

“The Deadliest Catch” follows several vessels during their crab fishing season on the Bering Sea.

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6 Responses to Capt. Phil Harris to visit Albany

  1. Helen says:

    I’ve been drinking the coffee for about a year now. It’s truly wonderful. I find myself making sure I have a bag or two on hand so I don’t run out. Serious coffee drinkers will understand what Im saying… If you want a little slice of heaven and would love a “sip of the captain” to start your day, go to The coffee will be shipped to you in a timely manner. Phil’s favorite is Captain’s Reserve. Gosh, I sound like a commercial! lol. I’ll just say it ROCKS! You decide…

  2. Bess says:

    I have never been a coffee drinker. In my entire life I had 2 cups of the stuff and didn’t finish either one. I ordered some of the Captain’s Brew for my hubby, who is a coffee drinker. I ordered Harris Family and Greenhorn. I decided to try the Greenhorn, and guess what…I like it. I am now, after 50+ years of saying no thank you to coffee, a coffee drinker. My family is amazed, and shocked, when I say I am having a cup of coffee. But then it is just not any old run of the mill coffee! LOL

  3. kathy says:

    I’ve been drinking the Captains coffee for a few months now. It is the best. I enjoy Midnight Sunrise but also have tried the others and they are delicious also. My day does not begin till I have my Captain Phil’s coffee!

  4. Tracy says:

    It’s the only coffee I will drink. I order about six bags at a time and when I get down to one bag left I order more so I never run out. My favorite is the Captains Reserve French Roast and Midnight Sunrise. I start my mornings with my Captains Reserve coffee and chatting with my friend Helen. That is the best start to the day. Bold and strong and the jolt I need to get my day moving. Starbucks doesnt hold a candle to Captians Phils Coffee.

  5. From Albany says:

    Wrong City Opilia. That would be Albany Oregon.

  6. opilia says:

    Oops Albany, You’re right!

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