First ‘Deadliest Catch’ Convention–CATCHCON–Huge Success!

If you havent checked out Discovery’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ Wiki lately, you should.  This last weekend at CatchCon, several fans won the opportunity to be a roving reporter for Discovery.  Their pictures, video clips, are posted on the wiki for everyone to enjoy.  Check it out and keep in mind–if you didnt get the chance to attend–CatchCon 2010 is only going to get better!

Thousands of Fans From Official Deadliest Catch Wetpaint Fansite Participate and Attend Largest Virtual Fansite Convention Ever

Roving Fans Create Content in Realtime to Draw in Virtual WorldThree fansite members were awarded the honor of ‘roving reporters’ and given free tickets to the event, held Saturday, April 25th in Seattle, along with the responsibility of uploading footage and stories about the event. Through Wetpaint’s Official “Deadliest Catch” Fansite, remote fans were able to submit questions to pose to the captains and crew, to view pictures and videos of the event, and to add their perspectives about the show.

“Throughout our network of over 1.5 million fan sites, we’ve have seen how passionate fans can be about their favorite entertainment content and TV shows,” said Rob Grady, SVP, Marketing, Wetpaint. “An event like this proves that fans are significantly more engaged than online friends — they are motivated to take real-world action and pour their passion into their favorite brands, which creates incredibly fun experiences for them, and great value for entertainment brands.”

All of the fan content from comments, photos, videos, quizzes, and more can be found at the Wetpaint “Deadliest Catch” fansite,

Keith Colburn & fans at CatchCon

Keith Colburn & fans at CatchCon

Fans of the First Ever “Deadliest Catch” Convention by Discovery Channel.
Wetpaint, the leader in fan-powered websites, announced today that virtual attendees to the “Deadliest Catch CatchCon” outnumbered in person attendees five to one, making it the largest virtual fansite convention ever.  Thousands of fans tuned in live and viewed replays of fan-generated coverage on the Official “Deadliest Catch” fansite run by Wetpaint. Fans participated in live blog posts, real-time quizzes, questionnaires, Twitter updates, and posted hundreds of photos and videos with attendees.The success of the event in engaging the show’s fans and connecting them with one another offline continues an exciting trend of users meeting online due to shared interests, and leveraging their passions to inspire real-world fandemonium.

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